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Lessons per hour $33.00
Lessons 2 hours $60.00

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 Life Master Dr. Brian McCarthy Ph.D. Molecular Pathology/Immunology, 1st Online World Chess Champion, Leisure Linc Network!  web page:   http://webspace.webring.com/people/gb/bmcc333/bmcc.html
Try online lessons from a top 10 vendor, Life Master and Senior Master.   Students have won many Natl titles incl. Under age 7!, Denker Champion of all   high school champions, US Amt, Champion of  State Champions, I use a completely unique system that emphasizes all phases of the game and customized openings.
Give my system a chance with lessons at the very competitive rates of 33  dollars for 1 hour and 60 for 2. Over 1400 ICC Lessons! Buy my NEW BOOK! My Favorite Games and Random Road Stories !! eBook 7 dollars   37 printed.  Wins over LarryC, Rohde, Wolff, Zaitchik, Kudrin, Sagalchik, Hracek, Bisguier, Igor Ivanov, Shirazi etc. TNs played and   UNPLAYED!  Truth about Searching for Bobby Fischer, funny story from Capa's wife and much more!
Here is a sample from my book with a theory review of a Sicilian novelty!   http://webspace.webring.com/people/gb/bmcc333/Bestgames_BMcC_Sample.htm


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    I live in Columbia, SC and would love to get lessons from you, hope to see you at the Columbia Open.

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