David Sewell

Target Students:

New to Chess ( <1000), Beginner (1000-1400), Tournament Level (1400-1800)

About Me:

I currently work for USAChess as a chess teacher in an afterschool program. I currently have four private students and I am willing to accept more. I have been teaching and playing chess for many years. I was president of the Richland college Chess Club, president of The Dallas Chess Club, and founder of The UTD Chess Club. I worked for Ken Smith at Chess Digest for six years as proofreader for the many Chess books that he published. I worked with Lou Hays as an editor and proofreader for many Chess Books including "The Game of Chess" by Siegbert Tarrasch. I am credited in more than 75 books on Chess. I have won my share of tournaments over a career of 19 years. My current students have all finished in the money or have won a trophy.


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    I am interested in getting a few months of chess lessons. Let me know if you are taking new students and what you charge. I live in Lewisville but would be willing to drive toward Plano.

    Get me here on chess.com or kevinthedavis@gmail.com


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    Hello David,

       I have a 5yr & 4Yr old and interested in getting them trained in Chess.  So please let me know the charges and your contact details.  My mail id is neeleshjjain3@gmail.com

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    got the moves down bro need new stratagy always playing on defense need new attack method help!!!

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