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Service Description Price
1 lesson 45min lesson( game per player at the end. $25.00
10 lessons 45min lesson( game per player at the end. $200.00

About Me:

My name is  Dejan Stojanovski. I am international chess master and FIDE instructor with FIDE Elo blitz 2521. For the latest 7-8 years I am working as a chess trainer in my chess school in Macedonia. During this time my school has won  “Macedonian Junior Team League” 4 times and as for now I have 45 students total, also giving the lessons online (for that I use Skype and website).








I can help you to improve all chess skills, including: openings, strategy, calculations, combinations, endgames tactics, defense, offense.








There are 3 basic stages of the game, each of them I will teach you to play:




1.      Opening stage: development of the pieces, taking the center, fast castle, etc.




2.      Middlegame stage. This stage includes 2 elements. Tactical play: attack on the king, combinations with sacrifices, candidate moves, technique of calculation of variations, etc. And strategic play: strong and weak squares, good and bad pieces, open files, evaluation of the positions, planning etc.




3.      Endgame stage: pawn endgames, rook endgames, queen endgames, knight endgames, etc.








After every lesson the student gets exercises for homework and in the next lesson we see the solutions together.








During the lessons I interact with the students asking them questions trying to get idea how they think and what are their weaknesses, while telling them how strong players think in particular positions or in particular situation. After few lessons I discover student’s weaknesses and I recommend him which lessons he needs to study.











Please, feel free to contact me if you have any question.








Yours personal coach,




     Dejan Stojanovski






  • 10 days ago

    CM Nutflush

    I worked with Dejan for what was probably 6 months. He accurately identified one of the biggest issues in my games and provided challenging sessions of ~45 mins in a kind of "test your chess format" - but with a titled player to actually explain why your choice isnt as strong as the move played. A mix of endgames and mainly middlegame positions and complete games, with relatively little theory (though he did also send me a CB database of key lines in my repertoire).

    After each session he plays a game of 15 mins each also - so you get about 75 mins of his time in each session. If I'm completely honest sometimes I wasn't sure exactly what I had learned in a couple of sessions, but I cant argue with the results. My results in the 6 months before working with Dejan were at a performance of 187 ECF (2102 FIDE) and while working with him my results were at 217 ECF (2329 FIDE).

    Overall - very worthwhile for me and excellent value for money.

  • 2 weeks ago


    I just started taking lessons from Dejan. I have found him to be a great coach with clear and determined instructions that encourage his students to make changes and learn actively. The lesson consists of 45 mins of regular lesson and a 15-min game in the end. During regular lesson, you are asked to find solutions to questions in limited amounts of time, and you go over the solutions together. I think it's an effective way to learn, because it is similar to real game situations and forces you to take an active role. The training game is also a great oppotunity, since you don't get to play an IM that often (at my level at least). In general, I like that he has structured programs for his students and is commited to teaching. I am looking forward to working with him. 

  • 6 weeks ago


    There I was, on the homepage of, bored out of my mind, browsing through some articles when one paticular headline caught my eye.

    It was a holiday discount for chess lessons, the author, International Master Dejan Stojanovski, with the handle, "ChessTrener".

    Now, I had taken lessons before, both offline and online and had generally been satisfied with them but those lessons had to be put on hiatus for various reasons (timings, cost, coach travelling the world to play tournaments etc.) and I had a void which I was looking to fill.

    I was intrigued and following the post, I investigated further. The guy looked credible but I still had a few concerns:

    1. Time - Dejan is from Macedonia and I live in India. I wasn't sure if we could find a common time to meet.

    2. Language - I wondered whether communicating would be a larger issue than any chess related problem could ever be.

    3. Quality of Lessons - I didn't know what to expect. Would the class be interactive? Would he encourage or discourage interaction? I was concerned about it becoming like a video watching session where I would forget everything as soon as the lesson ended.

    I mulled over these issues for a while and finally, my desire to improve overcame my fears and I shot him a long message on, detailing my schedule, experience and aspirations. I was surprised to see a reply within the hour. He suggested a few time slots based on my preferences, during which we could meet regularly. That was one problem solved!

    We met for the first lesson the very next day. I will never forget the first Skype call we had. Chess players, I believe, have been unfairly stereotyped as weird, dull and boring people, and perhaps, somewhere inside us, we beleive in it as well. Not this guy. What a budle of energy he is! It was at that moment, that I began believing that this guy would care about my improvement, probably even more than I did!

    Also, I can guarantee, that no matter where in the world you live, if you speak English, you will be able to understand Dejan with absolutely no problems at all.

    Immediately, Dejan laid out that the plan for improvement consists of 4 stages:

    1. The coach assess he baseline level of the student.

    2. The coach prepares a program (of difficulty slightly outside the student's comfort zone) in order for the student to reach the next stage.

    3. The student works hard and diligently follows the program and all the recommendations.

    4. Rinse and repeat.

    We began with the assessment and Dejan brought out the positions. Based on how I did, he went back to his secret laboratory (I assume) and prepared a program for me.

    During Lesson 2, I quickly realised that this would not be a walk in the park. Dejan gives you a position and expects you to dissect it and figure out what both sides should do. Depending on the difficulty of the position for a student at my level, I was given 2, 3, or 5 minutes to solve each position.

    Let me make one thing clear, Dejan is the nicest guy but he does not spoonfeed you. Also, he quickly picks up on your weaknesses. Earlier, when I told him my answers, he would make each move on the board as I recited them. As soon as he realised that I had a problem with calculating variations, he began asking me to do the entire thing in my head and only moved the pieces once I had recited all the variations.

    It is hard work but the efforts have paid off. I was at a local chess club where an IM was showing me some games and I was rattling out variations like I was Stockfish or something!

    Also, the games with him are enlightening. Finally, on our 7th lesson, I was able to beat him and on our 8th, I was able to hold him to a draw (although he still holds the overwhelming plus record in our matchups).

    Another great point is that he's not my coach only during these hour long lessons. He also looked at my games during his free time and chastised me for playing too much bullet. It's a great indication of how much he care about my progress.

    Every time our lessons end, the overwhelming feeling I have is the anticipation for our next lesson. This, I believe is the greatest indication of my satisfaction.

    What can I say? He's the real deal.

    If you're serious about improving, I can wholeheartedly recommend Dejan as a coach and I believe that if you make an investment in him, you will not regret it for even a sigle second.

    I'd like to wish, you, dear fellow chess players, good luck, and hope that you allow Dejan to be a part of your chess journey.

    All the best!

    Aditya Yajaman

  • 7 weeks ago


    Dejan is an excellent coach and I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improve their game.

    He is definitely a "chess trainer" in a sense that he doesn't spoonfeed you information. Instead he makes you work things out first, which is very important, before he shares his ideas. You'll need to work hard in his classes.

    What is very good about his training method is when he gives you a position to analyze or when he goes over your games, he doesn't just say "find the best move for White." Instead he'll say "find the best PLAN for White." This is important because it trains you to think about creating strategic plans like where to place your pieces and having a proper follow up to the move. What I also found very instructive was when we went over my games, sometimes he'll say something like "in this opening (or in this kind of position), this is a very TYPICAL plan for Black where you do this, this and this etc, and fight for this." These little nuggets of information really add up and they're the kinds of things that are very hard to learn on your own.

    Apart from middlegames, he also helped me a lot in opening preparation and endgames. 

    My biggest mistake in the past was thinking I could help myself improve on my own, by reading chess books. It took a significant drop in my rating and a particularly bad loss to convince me I should try working with a coach.

    To those who have never had a coach, I have to say that working with Dejan can save you countless hours (probably years) of self study.

  • 8 weeks ago


    Dejan is my first-ever chess coach and I am absolutely happy with my choice. As an amateur player with no previous training/study of chess, after 40 lessons with Dejan so far, I have been able to draw and win against several titled players in online simuls with long time control. Even though this is not official tournament games, it gives me a lot of confidence to continue improving my games and to play in OTB tournament once I finish all my lessons with Dejan. 

    Dejan is very professional, polite, punctual and flexible at the same time. He comes to every lesson on time, and always communicates with me in advance when he needs to travel for tournaments. He is also flexible in rescheduling our lessons if I have some emergency issues. Dejan is a very nice person to talk to, always motivating me to get better and reassuring me when I fail to solve some exercises. 

    His lessons are incredibly well-structured and rich in content for such affordable prices. In every 3 lessons we work on all stages of the game - opening, middlegame strategy, tactics and endgames. He not only teaches me theoretical endgames, but also helps me in practical endgame strategy and tactics - an area that has cost me so many games before. At the end of each lesson we play a game of long time control, which I feel by itself is worth the price I pay for the whole lesson. Getting to play with a strong IM on a frequent basis and analyzing my games afterwards are the key in my improvement and give me confidence when playing with other titled players. 

    Further, Dejan also provides me his full repertoire and training files for strategy/tactics. His files contain thousands of in-depth analyzed lines and games, and I can say without hesitance that these files alone are worth the price I pay for all 40 lessons so far. They are extremely valuable for improving one's chess games, and I highly recommend taking lessons with Dejan for this reason.  

    In short, if you've read to this point, I hope you understand why I am absolutely happy with Dejan as my coach. I have been enjoying each and every lesson I have with Dejan so far, and I believe you will as well. 

  • 8 weeks ago


    Dejan is a great coach in all respects. I thoroughly enjoy the structure of his lessons and can feel great improvement in my chess game. He is very punctual and flexible to meet my schedule. Dejan answers all of my emails, etc very promptly. Dejan makes you think deeply about positions that occur in your own games and solve key problems that lead to advancing your chess play.  My online blitz rating has gone up 250pts in the 2 months we have been working together. Highly Recommended!!

  • 2 months ago


    Dejan has been a fantastic help to myself and my play. He has helped me improve all areas of my play in detailed and well planned lessons. He helps me to not only think of where to improve, but helps me to not shy away from my weak areas and deals with all the aspects at the source, creating great progress. I find it great how he incorporates his own experience of high level play into the lessons and makes ideas memorable and clear.  Would recommend for anyone who takes chess seriously and would like to make great progress!


    Thanks very much :)

  • 3 months ago


  • 7 months ago


    It 'was the first time for me and I found myself quite well because Dejan is able to customize the training depending on what are your weaknesses. The lessons are never boring or repetitive but always interesting to show in the refinements of this game. Excellent availability and reliability work.

  • 8 months ago


    Dejan is very knowledgeable coach. First, he finds out where you need to improve, and then he makes lesson plans. He is always prepared for the lessons and always on time. His lessons were very helpful; especially middlegame strategies and endgames. I highly recommend him.

  • 8 months ago


    Hi! I am training with Dejan now and are very happy with our training. The programs he makes for each lessons are very good and fits my way of learning very well. I have taken lessons before with a high profiled teacher(I will not name any one, I am not saying this to destroy for others) and I got to say this is fitting my way of learning much better. Dejan is a good and honest man who knows how to make you improve youre game. I will recommend training with Dejan for anyone who are looking for a chess trainer.   Can`t wait for my next lesson.


  • 8 months ago


    Hey Dejan, 

    I am extremely interested in talking with you. Contact me at:


  • 10 months ago

    NM grumpyguru

    I have been working with Coach Dejan for several months now and have noticed a measureable improvement in my play.  I am able to easily beat opponents at my same rating level in a smooth manner.  Also, my games against stronger opponents have also improved.  I usually am able to obtain equal or slightly better positions against stronger opponents.  I particular enjoy how responsive he is to all my emails.  He answers right away and you can schedule lessons with him easily.  Also his method of training is very good.  He makes sure the student plays an active role my always asking the student questions at various points in the games.  Finally, his rates are very reasonable and allow many players to get chess lessons from an IM at a affordable rate.  I strongly reccommend him as a coach and I am happy to answer any questions.  

  • 11 months ago


    Dejan is a good coach! He has a teaching system with a good combination of practice and guidance. I especially like when we work through entire games, giving me time to think about critical moves, calculations, and general plans. I definitely saw improvement in my chess thinking, and he helped me achieve my first successful tournament result (5.0/5)! He is also easy to work with and is flexible about scheduling lessons. I would work with him again in the future! Thanks, Dejan! 

  • 11 months ago


    Overall, I took 85 lessons from Dejan and I am very happy with it. It helped me to improve my chess in all 3 stages of the game (opening, midgame, endgame) and even more.

    Dejan is excellent coach and as a person. So, if you need a chess coach, I will definitely recommend Dejan, but consider taking longer lessons session for the better progress and of course to work yourself.

  • 12 months ago


    I truly recommend Dejan, great coach to a good price.

  • 12 months ago


    Hello interested student,

    If you are not sure which coach to contact, then your search shall soon come to an end. Before taking lessons from Dejan, I have never been coached for chess before so It wasn't easy to choose a coach. After countless searching of many coaches here in, I finally chose Dejan. I am sure you have realized by now that Dejan's prices are very reasonable and affordable compared to the many other chess coaches. That is what attracted me and all his great reviews of course. I took his 10 lesson package and of all areas in chess, I have personally noticed my endgame skills improved a lot and I haven't even finished all the 10 lessons yet. If you listen and apply what Dejan says, your chess game will definitely improve. Dejan is always on time and if you want to reschedule a date, he is very flexible as well. Also, I can feel that he truly wants to help rather than just make money off coaching us. If you are still wondering which coach to take, you can't go wrong with Dejan. 

  • 15 months ago


    Hi everyone,


     I've been having lessons with Dejan for 6 months now, and have enjoyed each and every one of them! I'm 2119 FIDE rated at the moment with a goal to reach FM and then IM level.


    Dejan is a great coach and has a very good attitude - to help his students as much as he can. Although unfortunate, I don't think that can be said of all coaches - but with Dejan you have a shining example of this mindset and it shows in his lessons and overall training (read on for what I mean exactly).

     As someone before me said, Dejan is punctual and reliable, but also flexible when it comes to scheduling lessons according to student's needs. He is very understanding in this regard and has no problem rescheduling when an emergency comes your way and you can't make the lesson on time.


    As to the lessons and his method of work, they are clearly structured and challenging, but at the same time very enjoyable and instructive. They cover all areas of our game and thus you'll get a very good understanding of correct methods of play in many structures and positions.

     In these lessons you'll see how the game flows from the opening through middlegame to the endgame, and you'll be challenged to find good opening and middlegame plans, how to get an advantage when an opponent made a mistake, how to increase this advantage and finally how to bring it home and win. This gradually builds one's intuition and enables to make more good choices in more diverse positions, and here I already feel a great improvement due to having Dejan as a coach. 

     For most part the strategy and plans are discussed, but of course this has to be supported by tactics at work in particular positions, and in lessons with Dejan you won't be dissapointed in this area :-) in many positions you'll have to find the most precise way to decide the game and thus you'll train your calculation and analysis skills as well.


    With me, Dejan started first by analysing a number of my games, to see where my strengths and weaknesses are and to tailor his program accordingly. Immediately our first lesson was a real eye-opener for me - I was simply amazed by the speed and accuracy of his analysis, and then by the feedback given. It shows how he isn't just a strong player that wants to make money by giving some lessons, but instead how he can "see through" the games and immediately pinpoint what a student needs to work on and what will work well for him/her.

     Also in further lessons after I play in a tournament, we look at my games together and this analysis always gives me very valuable feedback. Moreover, sometimes when Dejan already sees an improvement for one side, he gives the position as an assignment to solve, which is also fun :-)

     During lessons you are always challenged to think and analyse; with Dejan there are no lessons where you just "listen and nod". This is in my opinion very correct way of working and it cannot fail to improve your game.

    A good coach doesn't only give assignments and excercises, but tries to improve your game as a whole - and that also includes chess psychology, correct attitude, preparation for games and tournaments, and (perhaps the most important) advice on overall individual training at home.

    With all these areas Dejan is ready and able to help as well. Many times he gave me excellent advice on what to do before and during a game and how to work individually in order to perform to the best of my ability. He shares things you won't find in books, and leads by example - you'll learn how an International Master approaches these areas and what works and what is just a waste of time.


    Thus with Dejan you will get training which prepares you for everything you can encounter in chess. All this knowledge is very well structured and clearly explained, and tailored individually to help you to build skills for improving your general level of play.

    I can only recommend training with Dejan, for it is hard and enjoyable at the same time, and will help you with your chess goals.

    Oh by the way, did I mention his VERY competitive rates? :-)



  • 15 months ago


    What I like about Dajan's approach is the sessions are very structured and easy to undertake with the use of skype for voice instructions and commentary, and of course's application for viewing the lessons.

    Dejan's approach is methodical at the outset in terms of the structured program of lessons, and also tailored to the individual's understanding once Dejan has made this assessment.

    The structure of the lessons includes important endgame tactics which every aspiring chess player needs to know,  important opening and middle game tactics taught through specially designed puzzles and reviews of these items to gauge understanding.

    Also included in each 60 min session is a game with Dejan where he is further able to assess the student's weaknesses, strengths and overall chess knowledge. 

    At $30/hour these sessions are truly good value, I am definitely improving my standard game thanks to these lessons.

    Highly recommended.

  • 15 months ago


    I took lessons from Dejan, and he is a very strong coach. He was able to point out my weaknesses, and help me improve on them as well as strengthen my strategy and tactics. I can definitely see the improvements made over the time I've been with him. He is also an all around good guy, very kind and respectful as well.


    I would recommend him to anyone that is in search of a chess coach!

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