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Service Description Price
One Hours Online Coaching This can be analysis of your games, tournament preparation, essential endings, training games or anything else you choose! Includes free homework and email support if you have any questions about the lesson material. $40.00
Annotation of Game (by email) I will give you a detailed analysis with the emphasis on understanding and ideas not meaningless long variations. Estimated turnaround time: 72 hours per game. $15.00
One hour of Online Blitz or Rapid You can even choose which opening variations we should play if you want specific training in a particular line. With brief post match summary and tips for improvement $25.00
Three Games of 3 0 Blitz or Two Games of 5 0 Blitz With brief analysis and tips for improvement. $3.00
One game of 15 0 standard With post-game analysis. The game will be unrated. You may choose the opening of course. $10.00
Group Match Help! Nobody does it better! I join your group and represent you in a match against another group. Price is for single game. Multiple games by agreement. $10.00
A 10 game 1 0 Bullet match No analysis, just fun! Money back if you score any wins! $5.00
A 15 minute crash course on any opening. Get the typical plans and ideas of any opening summarised for you in a short bite-sized session. Learn the main things to aim for and be afraid of as both White and Black in your chosen line. (YOU must choose the opening to be under discussion). $9.50

About Me:

Is your rating stuck at about 1700 or less and has been for a while despite you putting hours of effort into the game? I'm here to tell you how to work smarter and not harder. I will show you that :

1) Studying tactics in the wrong way (the way you've probably been doing) is not going to help your chess at all, and might even make it worse. I will show you the way you can incorporate tactics training into your own study regime in a way that will truly reward you.

2) I will show you why watching DVD's, videos about chess, will do almost nothing to improve your practical results.

3) I will show you how to get the results you believe you are capable of if, you are willing to put in the hard work. Lessons are no substitute for self-study, but, I will guide you in the right direction if you are an ambitious player that is seriously willing to work to improve your game

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Lessons will use Skype.

(face to face private lessons are available in the London area, contact me for fees)


*** After someone took a service and didn't pay, I am now asking for all payments up-front from new students. Here is the link for payments :

Thank you. ***


  • 2 years ago


    Awesome Player....n A Great Coach....:)

  • 2 years ago

    FM raskolnnikov

  • 2 years ago


    Dr Mr Coleman I am stuck at around 1400 and would like face to face chess lessons as I live in london. Do you provide these ?

    Best regards,


  • 3 years ago

    CM JamesColeman

    ^ ^ ^ Fees are listed above ^ ^ ^

  • 3 years ago


    Hai James,

    Thanks for your kindness to coach any level of player

    Could you tell me what is the fees for coaching



  • 3 years ago


    hello james,

    ı would like to have a crash course on many openings..

    see you..

    best wishes..

  • 3 years ago



  • 4 years ago


    no problem

  • 4 years ago


    can i get for free?

    im only young...

  • 4 years ago


  • 5 years ago

    CM JamesColeman

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