Josh Matti

Target Students:

New to Chess ( <1000), Beginner (1000-1400), Tournament Level (1400-1800)

About Me:

Note: As of August 2015, I am no longer giving chess lessons (currently focused on working towards a PhD in Economics)

About Me

- 23 year old Expert player with a USCF rating of 2097

- College student studying Economics and Math (Chess and Economics have many similarities)

- I like to live an active lifestyle.  I play soccer and golf seriously and casually play ping pong, basketball, and tennis.  I also enjoy running.

- I enjoy playing chess, especially in major tournaments like the World Open and Chicago Open

- I have a large knowledge of openings, understanding of simple and complex middlegame positions, endgame technique and planning, and competitive chess psychology



Proven Improvement Method

1. Introduction of new concepts

2. Examine instructive examples

3. Provide homework so that the lesson topics really sink in

4. Students try out what they have learned against good competition

5. Analyze the students' games and find out what they did well and if there are any weak points in their games

6. Move on to the next lesson with a good idea of where the student is at and what they need to learn to progress further



Students' Results

- Many of my students have seen their USCF ratings increase exponentially after taking lessons

- One student went from 1006 to 1381 in 10 months

- Another student went from 818 to 1249 in 5 months

- Another student went from 1153 to 1357 in only 3 months!

- Another student went from 880 to 1173 in only 4 months!

- These students worked hard, but if you follow my advice and work hard you can improve drastically as well



What Separates Me From Other Coaches

 1. I spent 6 years playing in scholastic chess tournaments and understand exactly what it takes to be a champion on the national scholastic level

2. I also enjoy playing and do well in big open tournaments, so I know what it takes to do well in pressure tournaments

3. Unlike many coaches who are no longer active players, I am continuing to improve my own chess skills.  Therefore, when I prepare for lessons I am not only working for you, I am working for myself as well!

4. Students receive quality homework to improve outside of lessons

5. Students receive a video recording of each lesson so they can review the lesson at any time

6. I care deeply about my students and work very hard for them



Here is one of my tournament games against a strong player

If you want to seriously improve your chess, then you should consider taking lessons from me.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me on or through my email at

Age does not matter in chess, I have students from 8 years old to 60+


  • 3 years ago



    I cannot express my gratitude enough to Josh Matti. He has helped me immensely with my goals within chess.  As a teacher he is always professional, prepared and organized.  More important to me however is the patience and understanding he demonstrates in each and every lesson.  His teaching style is systematical / calculative yet encompasses the chaos / art that is chess.  His utilization of technology in various aspects of chess is impressive.  I am proud to be a student of Josh's and happily recommend him as a coach and an individual.


  • 3 years ago


    Josh is an excellent coach. He is very interested in his students goals and ambitions, and he works hard at trying to get his students to realize their goals. He always takes the time to ask their opinions on certain positions, and he always makes sure that all of his students questions are answered. I lucked out finding Josh for a coach, and I know anyone looking to improve their chess would feel the same. 

  • 3 years ago


    I started lessons about 2 years ago, and my rating improved quite a bit with him. He knows a lot about every aspect of the game. His lessons aren't expensive, and he explains stuff in a clear, precise way. He is very patient. His computer program is pretty good, and he has a large database full of instructive, fun games. I think he is a really good coach.

  • 4 years ago


    hola josh suy super apasionado por el ajedrez y pues ultimamente me han estado ganando con aperturas de : 1. e4 e5 2. d4... que respuestas puedo dar a esa jugada? o podria yo ver algunas de tus partidas con ese ejemplo pára tomar ideas? gracias

  • 4 years ago


    Hi Josh. I am not Hulkingwatermelon, that is my son Luke. Luke is 8 years old and loves chess current rating uscf will be 1048 as of July 1. I am looking for a private coach for him. How do your lessons work? I can probably only afford 1 lesson a week . I know you give homework and that would help. Can you give me a rundown of how you can help and when he would need to be available for the lesson?

    You can also email me privately at

    Thanks I hope to hear back from you.


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  • 5 years ago


         My 9 year-old son started taking online chess lessons from Josh this year. Josh has broad knowledge of all facets of the game and has the ability to explain principles to young children in an organized manner. I felt the lessons were worth reviewing, so I asked Josh for permission to video tape them. Josh immediately proceeded to research how to do so and has been sending us all lessons since.

         Josh consistently teaches beyond our regular weekday lesson hour. He has volunteered many extra weekend hours playing practice games with my son.

         Josh is a mature and responsible young man who I can highly recommend as a chess coach.

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    use the matti machine!

  • 5 years ago


    the noteboom!

  • 5 years ago


    Hey, do you have any contact info? You're a really good coach! I would have asked you if I'm not 19 years old now (it feels weird when the coach is younger than the student). I wish you reach 2000 soon! Best wishes for you!

  • 5 years ago


    Josh is a great chess player and a good coach. He took me from not knowing how to play to being number 2 on my chess team at school. He taught me well and we won the state championship. Im a busy kid being in sports and like many people having school and a social life. He can teach you a lot about chess and makes it easy to understand. He started out bad just like everybody else and is a great chess player and a good friend. If you want a good chess coach to help inprove your game greatly and gain a higher understanding of the game of chess i highly recomend Josh Matti.

  • 5 years ago


    Josh Matti is an excellent coach that knows how to play chess very well. Besides helping students improve drastically, he also seems to be constantly looking for ways to improve his own game. This is a great characteristic for Josh to have because he can pass what he is currently learning on to me. He always goes the extra mile to give the latest, most up to date, concepts, and fundamentals. What he offers beyond the other teachers is patience and how much he cares about his students. Not only will he genuinely care about your games, give you comprehensive analysis along with awesome tips, advice, and methods of training, but he'll also be there for you as a good friend. This leads to a much more comfortable study atmosphere with none of that awkward tension which you might find with a normal Chess coach. Josh simply is blessed with the gift of teaching. He is not only an amazing chess coach, but also an awesome person!

  • 5 years ago


          If there is anyone looking for a knowlegeable and relateable chess coach, look no further than Josh matti. Not only are his lessons really affordable for a student like me, but I also find that he finds great joy in watching me grow under his teaching. I was clueless on some of the openings and chess psychology he has taught me. Also, his live chess games against me are entertaining and I learn quite a bit from them. They are very enjoyable because he explains the games in a clear and concise manner.

         Once again, I highly reccomend coach Matti if you are a player looking to grow.

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