Mark Jordan

Target Students:

New to Chess ( <1000), Beginner (1000-1400)

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One-to-one coaching only Intensive help to bring you to the next level $12.00

About Me:

I have played chess over the board in tournaments and matches for more than thirty years. I have won prices in a number of weekend congresses and I have frequently played for club 1st teams and I have represented both Kent and Surrey. I have taught chess in schools and given private tuition. I believe learning the principles behind the theory is the way to improve rather than reams of opening analysis and also connecting opening positions with the middlegame and endgame. You have to put in the work though!


  • 2 years ago


    Hi getsmart. I thought I'd answered this question but it seems not! Sorry! When you start studying chess, or anyuthing else, you sometimes find that what you  once thought you understood is thrown in to doubt. This is because you are coming across new concepts for the first time and these take a while to get to grips with. If you keep at it though- you'll get over that stage and improve. You sent this message 3 months ago so I hope you've already found this to be the case.

  • 2 years ago


    Can I ask a question I having been playing chess for years and now that I have started to study my game has gone poor why is that I find I am struggling against 1100 rating players

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