NM Matthew Nicholson

Target Students:

Tournament Level (1400-1800), Advanced (1800-2000)

Service Description Price
1 Hour Lesson Standard Plan $30.00
30 min. Blitz Chess Match A series of 3 or 5 minute games on chess.com (New: 100% refund if you win the match!) $15.00
45+45s Game A long game (usually takes about 2 hours) with analysis. I will send an extensively annotated copy of the game after we play. $50.00

About Me:

Hi there!  Thanks for taking a second to view my coaching profile!  I'll mention a little bit about myself and my coaching style here.  If you'd like more information and/or would like to schedule a lesson, feel free to message me here at chess.com Smile.


First and foremost, I believe that every single student is different and has very different needs.  I accommodate that by preparing lesson plans for each student individually.  I feel this is the big thing that separates me from other coaches.


I guess it's fair to say that I'm a 'tough' coach.  I ask the hard questions.  I give homework.  I make you calculate both deeply and precisely.  BUT I promote rapid improvement this way.


One last little note.  I see some coaches on here who are able to advertise 20 odd years of playing/coaching experience.  Obviously, I can't do that, but I think I have something even better to offer: I made it to National Master in less than 5 years of competitive play.  I can present these same methods that worked for me to you in a concise, yet effective, manner.


Anyway, I guess that's about it for now Smile.  Don't be shy to send me a message!


Yours Truly,

Matthew Nicholson

National Master


  • 15 months ago


    • Dear NM Mathew,

      I am Manoj C Raman, the Founder Chairman and Managing Director[ CMD]

      of the Houston Chess Academy which is a small chess academy just opend in  Stafford near Houston Texas on 19 th july 2015..

      Stafford  is 15 miles far from Houston down town. I want to associate with few GM s ,IM s ,FM s, NM s and other higher rated chess players /chess enthusiasts  who are belong to different chess federations  and can associate with us for the closed ,semi closed,open chess tournaments, chess training for IM s FM s  advanced ,Intermediate  as well as Bignners in Chess.

      In  short future, we want  to start conducting  One GM and one IM tournament  and one Fide /USCF rated tournament every month .And conduct continnuous training programs for all levels of chess players. I think as a leading chess coach, you may have more opennings to conduct chess lessons[online /private] to all levels of students  through our academy in future...  if at all you are interested.

      Please send me your views on this proposal .My email ID is hicausa1@gmail.com

      My cell no 00 1 281 760 7339.USA

      Manoj C Raman.


      Houston Chess Academy.

  • 24 months ago

    NM linlaoda

    Very strong at positional and tactical play.

    Also has extensive opening and endgame knowledge.


    highly recommended!

  • 3 years ago


    Matthew, who's also been Sudbury's chess superstar lately, allowed me to understand dynamic and aggressive play, taught me how to evaluate roughly equal positions for good moves and definitively allowed me to heighten my chess level, all of that during a few lessons that we undertook last summer. Oh, and I owe my working handling of dragon theory to him too !

    Since we both live in the Sudbury region, I've had the chance to undertake lessons over a solid board. I strongly recommend Matthew as a coach, especially for those seeking a more aggressive playstyle. Here's what I can say about him :

    -Very strong tactician ! First and foremost, he made me understand the importance and the frequency at which tactics arise. Considering the balance of my current playstyle, a majority of my games are decided upon tactics.

    -Knows solid theory from every angle. Taught me the essential lines of the mainline dragon, a whole system really, and adapted the lines that would fit me best. That's pretty cool !

    -Understood what i was thinking when i made a mistake, or tried to improve. [Maybe that's because he improved so quickly, memories must still be fresh-er if I may guess ;)] Since I'm a junior that was pretty awesome too !

    -Knows a myriad of game plans to apply in common positions, and not so common ones, and explains clearly how to know what to play.

    -Obviously, is very comfortable with concepts like pawn structures, endgame, transitions etc.

    -Finally, a very skilled player overall !

    Without doubt, he's a really good coach that I recommend. And juniors out there, this might the lessons you need to become a master ! [Hopefully I'm on the right track myself]


    Glad to see that you are offering your coaching services again ! F.R.

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