Michael Belcher

Target Students:

New to Chess ( <1000), Beginner (1000-1400), Tournament Level (1400-1800)

Service Description Price
one game analysed one game analysed and emailed to you $35.00

About Me:

 I have experience as an organizer, running neighborhood chess programs in Boyle Heights at age 10 and scholastic tournaments while in high school..

 Descriptions of Classes

Introduction to Chess

For players who have never had any formal instruction.
Topics covered: Piece movements, Castling, Pawn Promotion, En Passant, Basic Checkmates, Escaping Check, Draws.


For players who have a good understanding of the basics of the game and have already played 50+ games on their own.
Topics covered: Basic opening concepts and traps, chess notation, basic tactics (forks, pins, skewers and discoveries), two-move checkmates, endgame basics.


For experienced players who have competed in USCF events and are serious about improving.
Topics covered: Opening plans and traps, middlegame strategies, pawn play, advanced endgame techniques, efficient calculation, combining tactical concepts, advanced checkmate patterns, and much more.

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