FM Aleksandar Kekenj Randjelovic

Target Students:

New to Chess ( <1000), Beginner (1000-1400), Tournament Level (1400-1800)

Service Description Price
60 minutes Programme lesson based on student's chess profile & needs $17.00
90 minutes Programme lesson based on student's chess profile & needs $23.00

About Me:

Reasons to choose me as your chess coach


   (1) My engagement and willingness to help is something that other chess coaches can hardly compete with.

   (2) I've built my own training programme, which is proven successful.

   (3) Additional team work that comes between two lessons is free of charge (training corr. game, tournament & game preparation, homework assignment & assistance, game annotations, etc).

   (4) I enjoy coaching. Success of my student is my success.


Standard training programmes


   Pro-A (18 standard lessons): Students with rating under 1000

   Pro-B (18 standard lessons): Students with rating between 1000 and 1300

   Pro-C (22 standard lessons): Students with rating between 1300 and 1500

   Pro-D (in progress): Students with rating between 1500 and 1600


Extra addition


Student may:

   - start an online game (3 days/move) against me, with my annotations afterwards

   - send one of his/her games for annotations

   - send some of his/her games - already annotated by himself/herself - for my review

   - ask anything regarding chess and progress


After the lesson...


You will get:

   - DOC/RTF file (sometimes with PGN file) with diagrams and explanations used during the lesson

   - homework with diagrams and questions, included in another DOC/RTF file


As a chess coach, I am...


   - Experienced (10 years of playing chess; and about 10 years of coaching)

   - Progressive (never stop with updating & developing my training programmes)

   - Professional & dedicated


As a chess player, I was...


   - 4th at the Yugoslav Youth Championship - under 21 (Prohor Pcinjski, Serbia 1998)

   - 1st at the Yugoslav Championship - under 16 (Niš, Serbia 1998)

   - 31st at the European Championship - under 16 (Mureck, Austria 1998)

   - 28th at the World Championship - under 16 (Oropesa del Mar, Spain 1998)

   - 2nd at the Youth Team Yugoslav Championship with Chess Club "Niš" (Ulcinj, Montenegro 1998)

   - 3rd at the European Championship - under 16 (Litohoro, Greece 1999)

   - 1st at the Niš City Championship [the youngest champion in the tournament history] - (Niš, Serbia 1999)

   - 4th at the Yugoslav Championship - under 16 (Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia 1999)

   - 4th at the Yugoslav Championship - under 18 (Niška Banja, Serbia 2000)

   - 1st at the Serbian Youth Rapid Chess Championship (Niška Banja, Serbia 2001)

   - 2nd at the Youth Team Yugoslav Championship with Chess Club "Niš" (Subotica, Serbia 2001)


Audio link


   - Skype (mizant83)

   - GoogleTalk (


Spoken languages


   - Serbo-Croatian (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin)

   - English


NOTE: I prefer to work with commited students on a long-term basis.

NOTE 2: You can also choose to work with my brother, Marko Kekenj (around 2055 ELO). You'll get the same training material (same lessons), for  only 5$ per hour. Contact email is


  • 20 months ago


    Can you please coach me? I am a rapid learner :)

  • 3 years ago


    Hello, I am interested in a coach that would review my games. I do not require any sort of lectures or anything of the sort because I have no money to pay for them. Although, if you could be so kind as to throw me a bone and look over my games, offer any advice, exc.. please contact me. 



  • 3 years ago


    I can't, because of my work, to have live ON LIVE classes.What about playing online games with comments and teaching during the game?How match it would cost?

    I do not wnat to just play a master, it would be the same as playing an engine for me.I wnat to hjave help in understanding the real situations that would arrive from these games...

  • 3 years ago


    My name is Favour. I came across your profile in website and found you interesting so i had to contact you. You can reach me through this e-mail

  • 4 years ago


    Sir,i m in a prob.i cant increasing my rating above 1600.i need ur assistance

  • 4 years ago

    CM steinitz_attack

    Hi, why you dont have played tournaments since 2001?

  • 4 years ago


    After one lesson and several months of playing/practicing , my rating has gone from 900 to nearly 1200. I think without Aleksanders lesson which changed the way I think about chess, I would still be hanging around 900 ranking. Came back to this page to buy another lesson ! He was also very accessible outside of the lesson, also went over the 1 hr time limit of the lesson, and reviewed a game for me. Great coach !

  • 5 years ago


  • 5 years ago


    Instead of simply stating my opinion of Aleksandar as a chess teacher, I will attempt to describe my experience as his student. That way you may be able to judge if his teaching style and methods suit you as well. 

    Upon promptly replying to my request to take me as a student, Aleksandar asked me to send him a pgn of my recent games and took several days to look into them carefully and decide if he can contribute meaningfully to my game. The time and effort he put into analyzing my playing amazed me. He was able to point my strengths, weaknesses, game situations I handle well and areas I had a lack of understanding. All very accurate and to the point. A week or two after the initial email, we were ready to start our lessons. 

    As many beginners, my rating is about 1700 so maybe an intermediate player, I thought my problem was in the opening. We looked over those I played, my teacher suggested a few I may be interested in, then guided me through those we decide to study. He prepared analysis of recent games played at GM level adjusted to my playing strength, reasons for each move and goals of players at the board. I did learn an opening or two, but more importantly I learned how to evaluate the opening strategy, good and bad aspect of peace development decisions. In short, I started thinking in the opening phase of the game, which I never did before. I used to make the moves and hope for a reasonable mid game. Aleksandar toughed me how to think and influence the middle game I steer into. 

    Another weakness of non-master players is to work on their strong points and ignore the weak spots hoping they will never come up in a real game. Three moves down when they do, it's time to improvise. No longer! I may not be able to make the best move every time, but at least the move I make is made using sound principles and middle game battles I looked over and over with my teacher. By now you noticed this writing is about me, but your chess is about you too. It's great to have a teacher who is also focused on you, on what makes your chess better, not on his own idea of how the game should be played. We had many sessions on middle game, not because it was my idea of how to proceed, but because that's where my chess needed to improve the most. And it did. One can enjoy chess when knowing how to analyze the position and look for solutions, be aware of opponent's ideas. 

    I did ask Aleksandar to work on endgames. He said I could do it on my own, it's not on the top of what I need and strongly suggested we avoid it for now. I could have asked him to work on it nevertheless, but I trusted his judgement and am very happy with results. Chess is more fun than it was before, what more could I ask for? You may or may not like a teacher who has his own opinion and is willing to share it. Speaking about personal and cultural affinities, Aleksandar comes from a region very rich in chess theory and has very strong chess players over years. Needless to say English is not the first language he learned. He speaks it well, but may not be familiar with every phrase of American English. 

    If you with to work with an educated, dedicated, bright young chess teacher who will adjust his teaching method to meet your chess development needs, Aleksandar may be just the one for you.
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