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Beginner (1000-1400), Tournament Level (1400-1800), Advanced (1800-2000)

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Chess Coaching Up to 10 hours (price listed per hour) $40.00
Chess Coaching 10+ hours (price listed per hour) $30.00

About Me:

FM, FIDE ELO 2392, USCF 2350, two IM norms. 


I have 9 years of coaching experience, fluent English. I do prefer committed students, but at the same time I like to have some fun. We will share a laugh or two inbetween the serious work, I promise :) 






If you want some samples of how I sound and my style of speaking/teaching, you can check my Youtube channel at:




















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    Cliff notes: I wholeheartedly recommend Tautvydas Vedrickas as a chess coach.
    I've been taking lessons from Tautvydas for the last few months after a complete 5-year hiatus from chess. In terms of cold, hard results, my rating has gone from 1778 to 1819 over 12 rated games (some of which I played while I was quite sick). While I think it's a mistake to focus only on short-term rating fluctuations, I feel that kind of instant upward trajectory after not looking at a chessboard in 5 years is significant.
    In terms of coaching, he's been extremely helpful in several key ways, but what's stood out the most is that every interaction with him, and especially every lesson, is fun.
    That's not to say his lessons aren't challenging, because they are. We usually go over my games and he's good at finding mistakes I make. Even better, he makes sure to clearly point out recurring issues with my play from previous games.
    He does this without making it seem too stressful, overwhelming, or like improvement is hopeless. It's that balance of criticism and teaching, while still making it seem like I'm doing well, that works so well. Unless you are planning to become a chess professional (and very few people are), it seems the most important component to improvement is sticking with the things that help you get better. It's like going to the gym: Having a trainer who you look forward to having a lesson with is really important. It's the difference between making it to the gym and sitting at home watching TV and eating potato chips, ;).
    It's hard for me to tell how much Tautvydas has adjusted his style to complement my own (which tends to be disciplined if I'm sufficiently motivated). One thing he definitely does is make sure I'm not too hard on myself. Here is an example: Often we'll go over a game I thought I played solidly or where I thought I found a nice combination. He always finds not just improvements but significant mistakes I made (sometimes even "ruining" the nice combination I thought I found!). However, he doesn't just rip into my game the whole time (easy for someone several hundred rating points higher than yourself) but also focuses on what I did well, especially if he sees something that indicates I'm making progress from past lessons.
    In terms of communication, he speaks completely fluent English. Even when explaining complex concepts that are hard to describe in one's native language, he does a great job of discussing the point so that I can understand it well before moving on.
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    Well, you should probably try to contact him and not me, right? :) Alternatively, you can try to report that transaction to the client support of the service that you used to make a payment, maybe they can do something about it. 


    I have to say I do not appreciate you posting this here. I know him because we are from the same country, but I do not have any affiliation with him. This page is where my potential students read about me and your post might give them a wrong idea that I am somehow related with this, while I haven't scammed anyone of a single dollar throughout my years of coaching. 


    Best of luck getting your money back, but try to be more considerate about how you approach these things man :) 

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    How can I get the money back from Sigitas Kalvaitis? I paid him but he disappeared !

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    Yes, I do :) 

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    Hi do you still do lessons now ?

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    do you still do lessons?

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    I have been taking lessons from Tautvydas for about 6 months so far and cannot say enough good things about his coaching.

    In my opinion, Tautvydas' strongest trait is his ability to relate to the student.  He is a very strong player but remembers what it's like to not understand a concept or idea.  I'm rated just shy of 2000 USCF and I can tell that Tautvydas really understands my struggles because he tells stories about having some of the same problems I do.  Not only is he able to identify with the issues of a lower rated player, he is fantastic at explanining his thoughts in a clear and concise way.  No matter how many times I ask the same question trying to grasp a certain theme, he is very patient with me and happily explains the concept again.  And if you didn't know it, you'd never guess English is not his native language.  He uses slang and colloquial sayings as well as anyone I know.

    Our lessons are typically two hours in length, with the majority of the focus being on games I've played since our last lesson.  Tautvydas looks at the games beforehand and comes prepared to talk about them during a lesson, which is great so he's not seeing the games for the first time and you can really get started right away.  We go deeply into each game, and he ALWAYS comes up with ideas and thoughts that never entered my mind.  He's an extremely creative player and has really opened my eyes to the dynamic and tactical possibilites present on the board.

    One of my favorite things is that he's not just your coach for those two hours when you meet.  Throughout the week, if he knows I'm playing in a tournament, he'll send me a message asking how the games are going.  Or if he knows I've got a big game coming up, he'll help me come up with some good opening preparation.  You can genuinely tell he cares about his students and wants them to do well, which is an incredibly refreshing feeling.

    Last but not least, his lessons are just plain fun.  He has a great sense of humor and loves to interject jokes and offbeat comments into the game.  But no matter how much we laugh and joke, I always come away from our lessons feeling like I learned something and the money was well spent.

    I'd highly recommend Tautvydas to any player that is looking to seriously improve his/her game.

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    My name is Favour. I came across your profile in website and found you interesting so i had to contact you. You can reach me through this e-mail

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    I just finished three months of lessons from Tautvydas, and I couldn't give him a higher recommendation.

    I was at USCF 1548 when we began the lessons, and suspected I might be a little stronger than that but not much. I was skeptical of taking on coaching, but I was also beginning to feel plateaued from books, videos and studying master games.

    Our lesson format was one two-hour session per week in which I'd bring him 3-5 of my own games and we'd analyze them together over Skype. He was always prompt, professional and flexible on scheduling. Our "two hour" sessions frequently went to more like 2.5 hours if we were engrossed in a game. He has a slight accent, but is completely understandable and fluent in English.

    The "game analysis" approach took us all over the board, and he did a good job teaching me about openings (mostly by showing better ways to visualize development and thus make it easier to play out of book) and was always interested in a good endgame.

    But where he really shined was in explaining positional concepts and the middlegame. He was constantly showing me interesting ways where pieces that I thought were strong or weak were actually the opposite, how to improve the timing and execution of my plans, and how to use the psychology of human chess to my advantage.

    There was one point, about halfway through the program, that he started the lesson with a couple of positions from master games where he asked what I thought of a certain move. Then he showed me similar positions in a few of my games. He then explained a concept that completely explained and began to solve a major weakness in my game, and did so in such a way that I felt like the whole chess board looked different and more clear. I swear, that was one sentence that added 100 points to my rating.

    All in all, I couldn't recommend TV more as a coach for amateur players. He's strong enough to lead the way to mastery but still remembers what it's like to be one of us.

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    I have been taking lessons from Tautvydas for over one year now and will continue to do so because of several reasons.  First of all, he has helped me improve my attacking plans/ideas associated with specific openings.  Secondly, he reviews my games with me and points out areas for improvement.  Listening to what he would doing and thinking about during a game has also helped me improve.  Thirdly, he is a really nice guy with a great sense of humor!  Taking chess lessons from Tautvydas has been very educational and fun. 

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    Discounts available if you buy in bulk :) 

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