Computer Workout (Key Positions)

All good chess players know how to recognize key patterns and positions that occur in their games. The Computer Workout tool helps you improve your knowledge of key positions by setting you up to play these key positions against the computer!


Or, select specific themes and positions below!

Focus on improving different areas of your chess game by selecting a category, theme, and key problem. If you are stuck, ask for a hint from the computer!

PositionDifficultyAttemptsStart Workout
Rooks, Opposite-Color Bishops: A Pawn Down Intermediate (1400-1800) 5,011 Premium Only
Same-Color Bishops: Kingside Majority Intermediate (1400-1800) 5,612 Premium Only
Same-Color Bishop Endgame: Two Extra Pawns Intermediate (1400-1800) 6,422 Premium Only
Same-Color Bishops: Gruenfeld Endgame Intermediate (1400-1800) 5,409 Premium Only
Same-Color Bishops: Queenside Majority Intermediate (1400-1800) 6,414 Premium Only
The Centurini Position Intermediate (1400-1800) 23,307 Premium Only
The Greek Gift Sacrifice Intermediate (1400-1800) 10,632 Premium Only
Two Minors vs A Rook Intermediate (1400-1800) 9,627 Premium Only
Weak Dark Squares Intermediate (1400-1800) 5,587 Premium Only
Winning With Knight and Two Pawns v. Bishop Intermediate (1400-1800) 6,604 Premium Only
A Successful Minority Attack Advanced (1800+) 4,802 Premium Only
A Symmetrical Position: Maneuvering Advanced (1800+) 4,748 Premium Only
A Symmetrical Structure Advanced (1800+) 6,264 Premium Only
An Invading Queen Advanced (1800+) 7,829 Premium Only
Attacking With A Strong IQP Advanced (1800+) 5,150 Premium Only
Benoni Defense: Weak Dark Squares Advanced (1800+) 5,371 Premium Only
Bishop And Knight Mate Advanced (1800+) 22,036 Premium Only
Bishop Pair vs Rook, Two Extra Pawns Advanced (1800+) 4,839 Premium Only
Bishop Pair, Extra Pawn vs Bishop, Knight Advanced (1800+) 6,046 Premium Only
Bishop vs Extra Two Pawns Advanced (1800+) 5,771 Premium Only
Bishop vs Pawn: Ruy Lopez Advanced (1800+) 4,605 Premium Only
Bishop vs Pawn: Colle System Advanced (1800+) 5,167 Premium Only
Bishop vs Two Pawns With Rooks Advanced (1800+) 5,435 Premium Only
Bishop, Extra Pawn vs Knight With Queens Advanced (1800+) 7,213 Premium Only
Bishop, Pawn vs Knight Advanced (1800+) 11,174 Premium Only
Consolidating An Extra Exchange Advanced (1800+) 6,757 Premium Only
Extra Pawn: Caro-Kann Advanced (1800+) 4,469 Premium Only
Extra Pawn: Modern Defense Advanced (1800+) 4,215 Premium Only
Extra Pawn: Open Game Advanced (1800+) 5,034 Premium Only
Extra Piece: Defending In The King's Gambit Advanced (1800+) 6,105 Premium Only
Fischer vs Geller: Counterattack Advanced (1800+) 13,415 Premium Only
French Defense: Exchange Variation Advanced (1800+) 5,306 Premium Only
French Defense: Squeezing In The Tarrasch Advanced (1800+) 4,937 Premium Only
French Defense: Two Extra Pawns Advanced (1800+) 5,935 Premium Only
Gruenfeld Defense: Passed D-Pawn Advanced (1800+) 807,384 Premium Only
King's Indian Defense: Pawn Chains Advanced (1800+) 5,278 Premium Only
Knight Endgame: An Extra Pawn Advanced (1800+) 5,937 Premium Only
Knight vs Extra Two Pawns Advanced (1800+) 6,394 Premium Only
Knight vs Two Pawns Advanced (1800+) 6,000 Premium Only
Knight, Pawn vs Knight: Reti Study Advanced (1800+) 14,332 Premium Only
Major Piece Endgame: The QGD For White Advanced (1800+) 4,800 Premium Only
Major Piece Endgame: The QGD For Black Advanced (1800+) 4,448 Premium Only
Major Piece Endgame: An Extra Pawn Advanced (1800+) 6,037 Premium Only
Maroczy Bind: Dealing With Less Space Advanced (1800+) 4,327 Premium Only
Maroczy Bind: Pressuring With Extra Space Advanced (1800+) 4,449 Premium Only
Meran Variation: Weak Squares Advanced (1800+) 4,179 Premium Only
Meran Variation: Piece Activity Advanced (1800+) 3,737 Premium Only
Minor Piece Endgame: Kingside Majority Advanced (1800+) 5,102 Premium Only
Minor Piece Endgame: Queenside Majority Advanced (1800+) 4,876 Premium Only
Nimzo-Indian Defense: Attacking The King Advanced (1800+) 5,525 Premium Only