Extra Queen, Rooks, Knight, And Bishop

Have you mastered the ability to turn material into mates? Practice winning with a large material advantage against computer competition. The best hint we can offer is to use ALL of your pieces.

Extra Queen, Two Rooks

How quickly can you win this one? Remember the keys to "technique." Use ALL the king's men; keep it simple, and focus on your opponent's threats!

Extra Queen, Bishop, And Knight

Show your skills by defeating the engine quickly. Using all of your pieces and recognizing your opponent's threats is important. Make good trades if you can!

An Extra Queen

Winning when up material is obviously a very important skill. Even if you think a queen is more than enough, against the likes of a computer that is very unlikely to make further blunders, you will still need to make accurate moves. Again, the best strategy to winning when up material is to use ALL of your pieces and look for opportunities to make helpful trades.

Queen vs Bishop, Knight With Pawns

Can your one piece defeat the engine's two? You don't have more pieces than Black, but you do have the more powerful piece. That means that you can control more squares. Keep your queen active, and Black will soon struggle to defend all the pawns.

Extra Bishop, Knight: Sicilian Dragon

Wouldn't it be nice to always have extra attackers in your Sicilians?! In this challenging Sicilian position, it's not easiest to play for an endgame. You need to put your two pieces to good use in attack!

Queen vs Minor Piece: QGD

How do you plan to make use of your extra queen? Your strategy here is not that different from a typical Queen's Gambit Declined position. Advance your queenside pawns to create targets. Be careful of Black's activity. Look for opportunities to make good trades.

Extra Rook vs A Strong Center

Should you play it safe here? In fact, that's not possible here because your rook will only shine if you can open the position. How can you do that?

Queen vs Rook: Middlegame

Black's activity look frightening, but we are sure you are made of stern stuff! You will need to play some careful moves. Look to siphon off Black's active pieces with trades, and soon your material advantage will start to show.

An Extra Piece In The Opening

Turn your extra piece into an extra win! The position is a long way from the endgame. Consolidate your advantages and then you may be able to start attacking with your extra piece. Never resist favorable opportunities to trade down to a winning endgame.

Bishop vs Pawn: Colle System

Show you have the heart of a fighter here. It's tempting to stay passive and nurse your extra piece, but you must strike out and challenge Black's central pawns if your extra bishop is going to show its worth.