26. jun. 2018
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Siden 8. jul. 2018


to anyone who stumbled on this profile the name basically says it.


well to anyone who probably knows about catfishing and inceldom.

ill let you figure it outwink.png

Well a little about me. I basically play chess, been playing the game for 8 years on and off. How did i get introduced to the game? well my ex decided to let me play the game and she was supportive, at 1st i struggled to play the game, then i decided to buy books and pay for chess coaches and then i finally decided to play in tournaments. I literally decided to travel and play in tournaments. After that i kinda took a break cause i wanted to find myself. After almost a 3 year long break i finally decided to get back into the game, cause i needed something to cope and which i fell back on chess. thats all im doing now because the game is fun and keeps me occupied.

Btw-to anyone who wants to rematch on live chess, i will not accept any offers since no one seems to want to rematch back.

UPDATE: i have officially retired from catfishing and left the incel community, im focusing more on my life and having knowledge of the blackpill and female nature. I've decided catfishing has served its purpose and got what i attained about females in general. 

I basically make random YouTube videos