13. sep. 2014
Sidst set online
For 3 timer siden

Hi chess fan. I am from the Philippines. Chess for me is a hobby and I dont really intend to compete. But things changed after I joined Chess is becoming competitive for every game finished.


Before I played solely inside the confinement of Chessmaster. But playing with real players is much more exciting. So now I am looking for players who are also willing to play the traditional chess game.


I play long games of 30 mins or more with or without increment. I live in the Philippines GMT+8. I am available everyday from 8pm to 11pm. Just send me a message and we can talk about the schedule.


How strong am I? Not really strong I guess. But I will not resign without a fight. You want my king? Come and get it. That is, if I dont get yours first.


Let's CHESS!






I used to tolerate those who use engines against me. But since I love chess and the sports behind it, I now joined the cheater detection squad. Yes you can run away with a win from me, but you cannot hide. We will hunt you down until you quit cheating.