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Ellyen Ayleth

Barren road, traversing thoughtfully., USA
10. okt. 2018
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Hey, welcome to the club profile. I'm a guy living in the State of Michigan, of United Sates of America. _________Although, must admit, got the heart of a child._____________Personal quote. " Everyone has a talent. An individual or individuals has something specific they can excel at. And with all this talent, we seem to still not have enough fun or happiness in the day to day. Perhaps if everyone where to appreciate all the talents a person has and to accept that person's varying degree of performance. We would all start to appreciate the day to day and all the excitement that it has to bring." __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is a club invitation to join, Your center for Forum Activity. (Y.C.F.A) _____________________________________________________________________________________ Hey, you are invited to join Your center for Forum Activity (Y.C.F.A), a club dedicated to making it easier for users to find forums in the main forum pages. We post short, unbiased descriptions of forums in threads found in the club. For example forums from Off Topic would be posted in the thread "Forums from Off Topic." Members of our club would be able to view that thread and receive comment notifications of when new forums from Off Topic would be posted. If interested, please visit our club page. https://www.chess.com/club/your-center-for-forum-activity__________________________ Good day. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________This is a club invitation to join, Fair and Open Discussion. (F.O.D)__________________________________________________________________________ Hey! This is an invitation to join the club Fair and Open Discussion. (F.O.D) Where debates of politics and religion are accepted. A club where the rules are up held fairly and transparently. A club for friendly debates and wild arguments. A place to collaborate on projects or to share songs, jokes, or pictures. For more information, please visit our club main page. https://www.chess.com/club/fair-and-open-discussion_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Also, this next section is about previous accounts used to run. Used to be, @ActiveReporter , closed for opening this account, so could focus on starting the 2 primary clubs. @CHESSMASTERorCM , forgot the login information 3 times in a row. @BradleyFarms , this one got hacked. @TradeAccounT , just used to get another account. @ThereIsARiver , just meant to be used for playing chess, while keeping another account for socializing. Didn't go over so well. @TrooperChess , the first account.  @TCTrooperChessTC____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Also, don't accept random friend request, only if know you from the clubs or a forum.

To any music lovers.


Love chatting, so just send a message on just about anything.

Also creating a board game, that's below.

Very much believe in this profile's picture quote. Along with this one:
"The world is opened in the most beautiful sense when you drop the letter I from your mind."
"There are many shades to life" Please comment below on what you think of the drawing below!

Spending to mcuh time indoors. In front of screens. 3

Christ, yep Christ. Jesus Christ. To some the Father, to some a friend, to some a savior, to some all those and more, to some nonfiction, to some words on a page, to some an enemy, to some a way to make money, to some an excuse, to some an argument, to some just a Sunday; holidays, a song, to some a man, to some a spirit, to some God, to some not God, to some a Saturday, to some an organization, to some a insight to this world, to some a mystery, to some a judge, to some an example, to some a set of rules, to some a church.
Church, something, that has been dwindling around here. One near the ball fields hasn't had an official pastor for years, it's being operated by the youth pastor with help from volunteers of that Church. Then there's a Seventh Adventist down the street, as well as a Paul's Episcopal Church on the corner that have pastor that come from the city every other Sunday. There 5 other Churchs in the area that have dedicated pastors. There's two being used as homes and one as an rental office space. Currently attending a Church roughly 30 miles away. It's a great Church, but not the first, to that we travel many years ago.

Pastor Larry, a fine man who lived in a house right next to the Chruch building, a two story house painted white, along a with with a two story painted white Chruch building. Built some year in the late 1800s, equiped with a bell tower and bell in the front, sticking out by 4 to 5 feet, with a d

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