20. jun. 2018
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Siden 20. dec. 2018

Update on Wednesday September 25th, 2019 at about 11:53pm! happy.png

Hey everyone! My name is Daniel and I live in the state of Utah. Since an early age I started trying out soccer and swimming, also music and a few more interests))), but also somehow I started playing chess! As the years passed I was able to learn a little more, especially from Bobby Fischer's chess games. Last year a good friend invited me to play some tournaments here in Utah which I was able to perform well and that gave me the courage to start a Youtube Channel and a Twitch Live-stream about chess!

I've made great friends that have inspired me and have been very kind to me! Right now the Youtube Channel has 73 subscribers and the Twitch Live-stream has 281 followers with 2 subscribers! I have a dream one day we will reach millions of subscribers, and well let's go!))) I look forward to meet more great friends and I hope to bring out a smile to everyone happy.png C'mon Zion!!!)

Welcome! Call me Zion. I play chess sometimes, and want to help others however I can. Feel free to say hi. I look forward to being a good friend to everyone!

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