We are CHRISTIANS who FIRMLY 1)Believe with all Your heart in JESUS, speaking outloud with your mouth to JESUS, Asking JESUS to forgive you of all your sins, and Inviting JESUS to come in to your heart to be your LORD and SAVIOUR Forever is the ONLY WAY to Heaven(John 14:6, Romans 10:9,10,13, I Peter 1:4) 2)KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE is the Pure Word of GOD, and the ONLY Bible a CHRISTIAN SHOULD HAVE(II TIMOTHY 3:16,John 1:1,I Peter 1:21 Psalms 12:6) 3)Believing in going to church is the ONLY way GOD will show you your path of life He has for you and Absolutely Necessary for Strengthening of your Faith, Continued Christian Growth,Hospital for Sinners,Strong GODLY Influence on Unsaved People, Heavenly Rewards bestowed upon your Earthly life, for Diligently seeking Him.(Hebrews 11:6).4) JESUS is the Son of GOD and the Absolute ONLY WAY to Heaven(John 14:6) 5)Invitation must be given in Church for People to act on the conviction of GOD(Romans 10:10)