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Team USA: Southwest

Team USA: Southwest

Location: Southwest
Gegründet: 06.12.2008
Mitglieder: 502
This is the group representing the USA Southwest region in the Chess.com Pan-American League. Our membership is from Arizona, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. Members can only play and represent one country (or region). Members already playing for other international teams in official WL and/or Pan-Am games must be removed per league rules. This group represented the USA Southwest region in the Chess.com World League until 2013. It no longer plays world league matchups - please join Team USA to play those. WE WILL NOT accept members who are not part of Team USA. If you have a regional connection, are not already on a World League Team, and have an established rating, you are invited to apply for membership. We hope you will join us!


  • Online vor 2 Stunden

    Grit Moon | Eureka, South Dakota, Vereinigte Staaten

    Club beigetreten: 12.09.2009

  • Online vor 50 Minuten

    Bob | Los Angeles, Vereinigte Staaten

    Club beigetreten: 12.12.2009

  • Online Apr 25, 2017

    Vereinigte Staaten

    Club beigetreten: 04.02.2010

  • Online vor 6 Stunden

    Marshall Hunt | San Diego, California, Vereinigte Staaten

    Club beigetreten: 02.08.2012


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