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I learned to play chess when I was a kid from my father. Just the basics. Moved to Hollywood, CA when I was in my 20's... while there I became friends with a guy from Germany who was a chess junky... he got me hooked on it. When I moved I stopped playing as much... why I am not really sure. Anyway, one night last summer I was bored and messing around online... and ended up here. Hooked again. P.S. I've been on this site for 2 years now... so I've played a lot of games on here now. With that said: if you are the type that goes on "vacation" if you are in bad position, or are the type that has 1,000 games going at 1 time, or some idiot that uses some type of chess engine: PLEASE do not challenge me. I am here to play chess 1 on 1, not me against a computer.
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