Großzügigstes Mitglied

                            "MY ENDEAVOR" 




  Every morning Beauty speaks upon the Daylight,


  Yet we seldom thank our Savour for the Sunrise.


  Every Mountain beaming skyward unto thou Delight,


  Yet from the depths of a tomb on Sunday your Son Rised,



  From the hollow of a tree a chickadee's Singing,


  Of Jesus Christ the Sovergn King and the Gifts that he's Bringing,


  Gifts of Mercy and Grace and Peace and Ease from all your Sorrow,


  You may be down in the slump of a dump but you'll be on top Tomorrow,




  Such a Panoramic view from this hedge of Protection,


  Streams run through, and flowers  bloom, take a closer Ispection, 


  Natures nourished, Life is Flourished, in all Directions,


  Mix your Latitude, with some Gratitude, for lifes Conception,




  For God so loved the World he gave his only Begotten,


  His one and only son, Unless we'd all be Forgotten,


  So lets Relish, and Embellish, this Adoration,


  As his love, rains down from Above, seek a simular Relation,



  Chorus:      " I Believe In My Saviour, yet when the world pry's me away,


                   I  dont Pray, to my Saviour,


                   I cant believe my Endeavor, So from under is Wing, I Cling


                   And Sing to my Saviour "     



   God Bless...






                                  "His Beauty Shines Through"  




                                          Such a Beautiful Day,


                             I see the Clouds, and I want to Fly Away,


                                       Unto a Mountain So High,


                     That I could look down and watch the World go By,



                                        Trees By the Stream,


                    They come alive, like I've, Awakened from a Dream,


                                      Then Comes the Spring,


            The Flowers Bloom with Colors That only the Lord could Bring,



                                   So Beautiful are the Birds,


                  I stop to Think, Then Thank, the Lord for the Words,


                                That I could use to Describe,


                         This Reeling Feeling that I have Inside,




                                 Sun Shining Summertime,


      The Melting Snow, and Green Ferns grow, until they reach their Prime,


                                  Squeerls and Butterflies,


                           Enjoy and Rejoice to the One On High,



                                    The Lion and the Lamb,


                  Jehovah speaks, The meek Shall Seek to Understand,


                                    The Beauty of His Ways,


                But Make or Break, Shall Take, A Stand to Raise a Praise,



                                And His Beauty Shines Through,


               For Me and You, The Morning Dew, and the Raindrops Fall,


           His Love Came Down, and Walked the Ground, All Around Us All,



                 He Gave His Son, The Only One that he had to Give,


            To seek the Lost, He paid the Cost, on The Cross so we'd Live,




                     His light Shines Out, and all about, from Within, 


               A Captives Freed, He plants a Seed, With a Need to Begin,



                Inside a Heart, that must Impart, from this Worldly Place,


             To Claim a Prize, and Reign on High, By His Mercy and Grace,



          So Lets Greet the Day, and Fly Away, as His Sun-Rays, Beam Down,


                To Water Falls, Where Nature calls, For us All, to Resound,


                                   That His Beauty Shines Through.  




                                       God Bless                 wjr





Have No ILLUSION, I hate Losing,  and I am a former 3 time Internationally Ranked Chess Champion for the STATE of Confusion!









I Like to Wine and Dine, Smooth Beats to my Rhyme, I read the book of Isaiah for the signs of the time! I am also an active legend in my own mind!



Bring yourself and your King to the TABLE, Then I'll Stroll on out and get my Horse from the STABLE, MY QUEEN her names Sable, She's more than willing and Able, to Animate your Chess World into a Fable!



I love Babies, Ladies, and a Palm Tree on hot days that's Shady!


I love COLD BEER, GODS FEAR,and down shifting my 454 in to THIRD GEAR!



I am Charismatic, a chess Fanatic, don't give me no Static, or I'll pull some vintage chess moves down from the Attic.



My Chess Medly's as deadly as a Pin in a Hand Grenade,


    5 moves befor u get played,  


     U cant Throw me, Ever see a chess piece Blow up,


    It makes you throw up,



And Then I Take Advantage, You Can't Manage,


To Do a Chess Situp, Without Getting Lit Up,





     My Bishops Blast, Thier solid as Alcatraz,


    and if U escape, U better swim Fast,


    For I will catch up, physically and Mentally,


   And  the Capital Punishment's the penanlty,





Don't bother Fussing, for my Grandpa was RUSSIAN. I'LL ROCK your Chess WORLD and that's the end of the discussion. GOD BLESS.



 I'm A Super Admin of The Star Wars Nation, With With My PollyGrip Persuation,  In Charge Of Muti-Dimensional Relations,  I'm Checking Chess Tickets and Your Getting Off Next Station,





I'm In Charge Of Moral Integrity and Internal Security For the Group World Friendship,


And Although Miss V Runs The Group Like A Cruise Ship,


Give Me Lip, I'll Put You In a Guillotine and Roll you Up into A Bad Trip,



I'm The Head Engineer on The Posse Train Called "Pallanx 713",


We Weather all Points Inbetween,


Double Barrell Shotguns Gleam, as My Regulators Approach The Scene,



I'm A Weapons Battalion Gunnery Sergant In Charge Of Logistics, As A "G" Councel Member,


And When My Chess Bombs Are Rendered, The Richter Scale's Record The Trembler,



I'll Take Your Queen and Up-End-Her, Then Return Her To Sender,


Then Buy A Bottle of Crown Royal And Go on A Hell-Bender,



Im  A Mathmatical Professor of The Multiverse, A Chess Ambassador To The Universe, I Can Drive a Chess Car Up Your Arse in Reverse,  you Better Rehearse Your Verse, Or Get Your Chess Bubble Burst,



I Am #2 In Command, And Officer Of The Day, Of The Federal Chess Aliance, The Chess Homeland Security Foundation, and The Alien Chess Enforcement, Lazer Testing Department.



I am Also A Stunt Actor, for Crash Test Dummies...





Rocket Detection & Tracking Expert N.O.R.A.D


Alien Interperter & Communications Expert N.A.S.A.


International Foriegn Relations AmBassador N.A.A.C.P.


Genetic Cloning Proffesor For The A.T.F. (Alien Takeover Foundation)


Chief Of Staff Infections For The C.I.A. (Calling In All Aliens)



Ex Navy Seal, But I slipped on a Banana Peel, Got Ran over by a 5th Wheel, And Still, Can Outrun Any Army Dog To the Top Of The Hill.






           I was awake all night last night, and wished i could have slept,


           for in my head my eyes caught sight, and in my Brain it crept,


          It stalked my mind like it was dope, and fiddled with my eyes,


            I could not cope and i lost hope, and looked into the skies,



     The moon was blue, the stars were green, the whole damn sky was red,


            my mouth did sing what i had seen, and this is what i said ;


            "The Devil's come this very night, he's come to get my soul,


             and with my fear and all my fright, he'll get me as a whole,


                and here he comes i see his tail, a wagging in the sky,


             and then i thought this must be hell, or am i just too High",



     He said to me "I've come here boy, and you can start your screaming,


        Cause in my eyes your Just a toy, and I'm making you a Demon",


            I said to Him "your just a Sin, you'll be one all your time,


          and in my holy soul within, you nothing more than Grime",




             He Came at me a blowing smoke, his body lit afire, 


      and then i knew this was no joke, and thought i should retire, 


      I thought a way to stop him Cold, and therefor end my trifle,


   I thought of what my past has told, and grabbed a Gideons bible,



      I held that book where he could see, it burned in his eyes,


       and when i knew I'd been set free, he flew into the skies,


          He said to me "I'll be back boy, I'm bound to get your Soul,


         and like I said your just a Toy, and I'll get you as a whole",



            I said to him " Hey Satan my son, I got you on a hook,


    and I'm telling you now you'd better run, while I got this Holy Book",


            and then I saw him fly away, he left without a Peep,


       I knew that he"d be back some day, so I quickly fell to Sleep!




                                       God bless,,,,             wjr