Hi !

I'm Liam, a 14 year old enthusiast who loves diving into the fascinating world of chess and Zelda. If you share these passions, you've come to the right place!

About me :

đź‘ľ Zelda fan: Since I discovered the enchanting world of Zelda, I have become a true super fan. Whether it's solving complex puzzles or battling mystical creatures, I'm always ready to explore Hyrule.

♟️ Chess player : Chess is another great passion of mine. I've developed a solid strategy over time, and I'm always up for an exciting game. My favorite opening with White is the "Queen's Gambit", while with Black I particularly enjoy the "French Defense".

Join the Club "Zelda Super Fans" :

🎮 Zelda Super Fans : As the founder of this club, I created a space dedicated to Zelda fans to discuss, share tips, and live together our passion for this legendary game. If you are also a fervent admirer of Zelda, do not hesitate to join us !

Join us for lively discussions, special events, and of course, just plain fun !

Let the adventure begin ! 🕹️👑