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Important notice: My notes are visible to all members. If you leave me a note to which I have to reply and your notes are set to 'Only My friends' I can't reply back to you. Remember this before posting a note to me.

Also I recently became a graphic designer, so I can make logos for you and your clubs. Send me a chat request, or leave me a note if its urgent.

BTW here is a trial logo I made

If you want to challenge me, challenge me only up to 10 minutes time. I cant play longer than that due to some reasons. Also, if I'm busy, I'm gonna decline the challenge. Please don't take any offense.

My Among Us username is BeastGamer.

I don't have any top friends, all of them are equal to me

I want to become a pilot when I grow up, cause that's a topic in which I'm very interested, and I have an interest in airplanes, and how they function, down to the tiniest detail.

Barbarians do not mess around. They hunt the opponent's king from the beginning to the end of the game. They are attacking players who are willing to accept lots of risk, calculating complications and dangers that make their opponents squirm. Barbarians put their heart into the game - a typical Barbarian might get upset if something goes wrong in a tournament and have a disaster, or, on the other hand, ride an unstoppable wave of success when things go right. Barbarians aren't usually the type to offer draws, and their main goal is to create unusual and complicated situations on the board in which they can out-calculate their opponent.

Don't be afraid toΒ  send me a friend request, I'll surely accept it!

I am accepting club invites, but I may not join all clubs you invite me to.

You can join my club, Legendary club, if you like. Here is the link if you want to join!

Join my best friend's club, fast-growing and fun,Β here!

And join my 2nd club, Colony of Chess Champions!

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