Speak Russian and English; learn a bunch of others and would like to chat. Generally, bad at chess, but sometimes can take opponents aback. 

My avatar is an MRI brain image done by Alfred Andwander from Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. A self-irony of sorts. happy.png

* Note: Sometimes I play with high-rated or titled players, and rarely don't blunder. So, if you are a high-rated please, tell me if my play is too blunder-rich for you or I seem to go for a flag.clock.png I will resign immediately if that is the case - unless the position is equal or in my favor, of course. With an exception when I am tired,  desperate, or don't think straight I don't look for cheap shots, esp. with a high-rated player in order to get a rematch and maintain a reputation -  by the way, my nickname "dog_vomit" is simply an artifact of self-irony. I am not interested in wasting anyone's time, abandoning games, or flagging my opponents. I want to learn from my blunders, build sportsmanship, and even friendship.

*For friends I sometimes give extra time. If you have clearly mouse-slipped, e.g. placing your Queen next to a mating square and lost it, I will offer you a draw, and in rare circumstances - resignation.

Do you wanna be chess buddies? happy.png

*Disclaimer: Should I post any game in which I won a high-rated player, remember -  this is MOSTLY DUE TO SHEER LUCK, not because I am good or consistent at playing(I kinda suck).wink.png

Recent stuff: Nice checkmate on the verge of losing. Missed the elementary pattern for the smothered one!
*This opponent has won the series.

Recent stuff: Funny comeback win! (Bullet)

Just recently started playing rapid - I know, dilettante is easily recognizable.

*Best win so far. Pure luck by the way.

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