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Greetings to everyone on chess.com! I am a 10 year old chess player. 

In chess, I like playing White better because I get to go first. I like playing 10 minute games more than 5 minute games but I am good at playing 1 minute games because I am fast at moving. I like to do tactics and puzzle rush also. 

Email any questions or comments at happysnake12345@gmail.com.

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I accept 2047/2048 friend requests that I receive. So you can send me a request.

Please join these following clubs:

1. Crownman Chess Team

2. The Cool Chess Players

3. The Enjoyable Tournament Club

4. happysnake12345's club

5. happysnake12345 and friends

5 things I know about you,

1. You are alive.

2. You can breathe.

3. You are important to this world.

4. You are amazing.

5. You are very smart. 

5 things I like:

1. To bowl

2. To play chess happy.png

3. Swim in a pool

4. Play baseball

5. Play video games

Look at these games I was able to find:
#1, 7-move checkmate

#2, the longest game ever

#3, blacks demise


(Thanks to @SNUDOO for the idea happy.png)

Thanks to @Deranged for these following;

Thanks to @UppityEelChesskid for this: