Hello! My name is Light, I am 1? years old. below are a list of things I like to do

 1. play guitar

2. ride my long board

3 make songs

4. Run

5. listen to music

As you may know, I like to listen to music, or anything that has to deal with music, I am a Huge fan of science, although I am not too good at it. also in can you want to know, I am a Natio Member, and I've been playing guitar for Five years goin on forward. for all I know Ive been running ever since I knew what running was,  but laetly I havnt been running too often. on my longboard  reached up t the speed of 56 MPH, how do I know? some person drive by on their car to see how fast I was going. as far as making music, me HuskyL0ver and I were making some... but her mic doesn't work and well some other problems to that I will not mention. I play my guitar around maybe, I dont knw 4 hrs a day at most. also i work at 5 guys

-All it takes is one bad day

-Do you knw why I use a knife? guns are too quick

- Some people want to see you fail, disappoint them

and here are some of my Best friends!


2) @Clarissaxo-1414 - SKSKSK


4) @Kimjoog - Pretty cool! fun to talk to....

5) @nckdnc - really god helper, and fun to talk to.

probably listed in order, i don't know...

My second sis @GhostFace1

and here is my BEst friend @iphone626 (NOT dead) XD