Hi welcome to my profile.

My best friends

@cellen01 who I talk to the most and cares about me 

@Saruka_Haruno20 who cares about me recommend being your friend


@Sneakiest_Of_Snakes My teacher

@TanitoluwaAps116 someone I know

@Thechesspro247 a good friend

@HenryHedgehog a good friend 

@spyzehunt a good friend

@Wolfman0077 pls help him he is badly hurt

@FoolMate2222 a good friend

@ChessWithMisterS my teacher

@ChristmasBoy922 a good friend 

@Kimmy-boy a good friend

@FuriousTiger123 who made me the profile picture of the dragon and the name

@ChesswithMrN a chess teacher

@MrSepti sometimes my chess teacher

@ChessThinker_002 a friend that I talk to before I have these friends