Hi! I'm an ambitious 16 year old player who loves chess like nothing else. I got back into the game in early 2020 (aka quarantine). Since about November of that year I've been progressing at a steady rate while spreading my time out between 1, 3 and 10 minute games. 

I've been a d4 player as well as a Sicilian player for a long time now. I'm very tactics-oriented and am decent at holding a positional advantage and turning it into material.

Some of my favorite things to do (other than chess, of course) are golfing, handball, cooking/eating (I am an extreme foodie, do not get me started lol) and spending time with friends.

Friends: @RealMankin, @ThirstyMonsterTwitch, @xjcl, @ActorAaronBooth

Best USCF online wins: @Jahonas (titled), @TedBelanoff (titled), @vidipkona, @AspiringPolyglot

Titled players beaten: @fuderercro, @laurents2000, @lukazz029, @juli2512, @chanchakman, @Blindmancrying, 100 bullet wins (22 CM/WCM, 48 NM, 23 FM/WFM, 5 IM/WIM, 2 GM)

@ThirstyMonsterTwitch #1 fan happy.png - check him out here and drop a follow

I would also like to shout out @SuprhotdoggsTwitch although I don't get to come to as many of his streams as I would like - check him out here