Welcome to my About Me

Nickname: Neon

Birthday: August 6th

Imagine beating an 1800 in unrated but your still a 800- in rated <3

Adopted by:



Avoided adoption:


My favorite animal: Cats.

Favorite color: Black and Emerald and now white

Favorite sports: Swim and that's it




@Ninjaswat  "Dargon buddy and dragon addict"

@Lightning "gg yuh"

@KyKyNeedsHelp "he needs help pls reach out"

@FoxWithNekoEars "gone"

@TheGMUltraplayerClub "No"

@MarceloWeimer "Marco polo"

@christianmoriset "yey"

@EricQueenKiller "Stop beating me in chess sir"

@FowWithFluffyEars "HAH SHES BACK"

@Ibvwex "one of my very first friends on cc"

@Not_Exotic "COME BACK DUDE"

@asadrow   "meow"

@ProtogenZW "scary chess player"

@AZA-Kun  "Kon'nichiwa Darling~~!"

@TheRevenant66 "atomic monster"

@DiamondPro408584 "yus"

@Abel-Pasache "seems like a good person"

@noImAparrot "My fav birdo"

@Anonymous_Dragon "Fun person"

@Imalosegoeasyman12345 "don't go easy"

@moxaks "My child too????"

@Neon_UwU "hehe"

@Wandering_Mary "has a good kiddo"

@TheSwissPhoenix "He's no longer russian away from you ):"

@B1ZMARK  "My twin"

@Jbehopeful1  "Beware"

BULLYING? Think you're so cool? -The girl you just called fat?... She is on a diet. -The girl you just called ugly?... She spends hours putting makeup on hoping that people will notice her. -The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. - See that man with those scars?... He fought for his country. -That boy you made fun of for crying?... His mother is dying. -That kid you made fun of for being bald?... He/she has cancer. -Put this in your profile if you're against bullying. I bet most of you won't re-post, But I'm sure that the people with a heart will.