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Don't copy this GIF anywhere!

Hi! I am an 11 year old Indian boy who aspires to be a great chess player....                                                 

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Now, why does everything have to be about me? Let's talk about you!

Whether you like it or not, I know a lot about you. For example, below are ten things I know about you:
1. You are alive.
2. You can breathe.
4. You didn't notice that I skipped number 3.
5. You just went back to check.
6. You are smiling at how you keep on falling for this...
7. You just read this sentence.
8. And you just missed that I skipped number 7!
9. You just went back to check only to realize I didn't skip anything! wink.png
10. You think you are done!
11. You forgot I skipped the 3 and you think that I accidentally added an extra one