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You are looking at a ninja's profile.

Well look down..

Keep scrolling  down.......

Follow and friend me

Do not send me game challenges with a time control faster that 1|0 because I won't join.

The reason behind this is because I have a hard time calculating moves and moving pieces in a 1|0 or faster like ¼|0. I like 20|0 the best.

Also, do not send me game challenges between 9 am IST and 12 pm IST.

Also do not send me club invites. If you do, I'll probably decline.

Here are a few clubs I think you should join

The Neil Squad


Chess vs Coronavirus

The Blue Club

Also, check out my blog. Link: 

Also, check out my club. Link:

Also, check out another club that I manage. Link:

Click here to go to your homepage.

Also, look at the below image.

Why does this have to be about me? Let's talk about you.

Here are a few things l know about you.............

1.You are a person 

2.You are alive

3.This is no.4

4.No l'm just kidding, this is no.4wink.png

5.You are not halfway through

6.You can read

7:You are looking at my profile

8. You are reading this

9: You are still not halfway through

10:You may or may not follow me

11:You are halfway through

12:You are on now

13:You are still reading this

14:You have almost finished reading this

16. You didn't notice how I skipped #15!

15:You look behind instead of ahead to see#15!

16. You are smiling how you are falling for thesegrin.png

17. You didn't see how I repeated #16 twice!

18: You just went back to check!

19. You are maybe my friend or maybe not.

20:You may or may not friend me if you are not my friend

21:This is not the last fact

22: You will join my club Chess vs Coronavirus.

23:This is the last fact

Now see this

Oh nice that you looked at my profile but's over.

























Actually it's not. I tricked ya  : D

Now this is really the end. You can leave my profile now and go to play some chess.

But don't forget to join my club! Click here to join.

Ok, you can leave now.

Reminding again, send me 1|0 or slower time control game challenges. If you send me more than 1|0 or 1|0 game challenges, I'll accept them. If you send me 30 sec or 10 sec, I'll DECLINE.

Also, do NOT send me club invites. If you DO send me club invites via PM's, I'll decline.