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Moderator: This account has been closed for violating our policy. After scanning his games, we discovered that he was excessively blundering. For more information on's policies, clickΒ here.


I beatΒ BikfootΒ at Puzzle Battle: WorldChomp vs. Bikfoot

I drew IM NadtkinsΒ (Season #8) in Puzzle Battle: WorldChomp vs. Nadtkins

Another titled Puzzle Battle victim (FM Kasparicy):Β WorldChomp vs. kasparicy

Some notable games:


RIP Tryllekunster. He was a good friend and a brilliant person. He sadly passed away in 2019. Please join the club Magicians, a fabulous club which he owned. May you rest in peace in Heaven.

Hello! I am WorldChomp, if you had not already noticed wink.png

I joined the site on 31st October 2016 (spooky, right?) and my Blitz peak is 2098 and my Rapid peak is 1960.

It is my first season in the Not-So Pro Blitz Chess LeagueΒ and I am playing for Chess Underdogs Team 2. You can view the matches I have played so far in the league below.

Match 1 (vs. ninjahyper345): View the match here
Match 2 (vs. AmritRaunak24): View the match here