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  • Non-Master Assessments's Thumbnail

    Non-Master Assessments

    IM Silman 07.03.2011, 00:21

    member Jemptymethod said: Here’s the thing Silman. This is the second week in a row where you’ve denigrated masters. But OMG when I dispute an IM’s opinion about an opening variation, I’ve committed the unforgivable...

  • The Jaenisch/Schliemann Gambit's Thumbnail

    The Jaenisch/Schliemann Gambit

    IM Silman 29.08.2010, 16:15

    Farbror asked: This is one of my favorite chess quotes: “Before our first Latvian posting I didn’t care for this gambit one way or the other. Now I hate it with a passion and, when I hit my 80th birthday, fully...

  • Two Opening Questions's Thumbnail

    Two Opening Questions

    IM Silman 07.12.2009, 02:37

    Two Opening Questions No-Name asked: A recent book by GM Glenn Flear advocates playing against the exchange Queen’s gambit thus: 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.cxd5 exd5 5.Bg5 Bb4 (Which my mentor GM Hans Berliner...

  • Nakamura Finally Beats Carlsen, Leads In Bilbao's Thumbnail

    Nakamura Finally Beats Carlsen, Leads In Bilbao

    PeterDoggers 13.07.2016, 11:49

    The spell has been broken. Today, Hikaru Nakamura finally managed to beat Magnus Carlsen in a classical game, at the Bilbao Masters. As the other two games were drawn, Nakamura leads the tournament. For...

  • World Championship Will Rotate Around 12 New York Landmarks's Thumbnail

    World Championship Will Rotate Around 12 New York Landmarks

    FM MikeKlein 01.04.2016, 01:02

    This is going to be a world championship unlike any other. The chess world waited many months for the announcement of New York City as the location for November's World Championship Match. Now we also know the...

  • US Champs: Logjam At The Top's Thumbnail

    US Champs: Logjam At The Top

    SonofPearl 17.05.2010, 23:04

    By FM Mike Klein Saint Louis, May 17, 2010. With the top four players battling to draws on the top two boards, a trio of other players used the fourth round of the 2010 U.S Championship to draw even. On board one,...

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