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10-23 "Your Games Analyzed"

  • Release Date: October 2012
    Submitted By: ChessMarkstheSpot
    Submitted On: 10/23/12, 2:18 PM
    Category: Database of Games
    Publisher: ChessMarkstheSpot
    OS: Any program capable of opening .PGN files
    License: Free
    File Size: 1.6719KB
    Downloads: 2195
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This game was analyzed using the Chessbase 11 program and to see everything it was meant to be seen (analysis, diagrams, etc) it is recommended that you have a Chessbase-family program.  Cool




  • by 1024x768

    sorry but it's just waste of analyzed game by CB.I thought some kind of analyzing tool

  • by ChessMarkstheSpot


    It's not analyzed by Chessbase, but analyzed by GM Magesh Panchanathan using Chessbase.

  • by elig5428


    Thanks for posting this. The only thing is my 30-day free trial with Shredder Chess games ended just last week and I cannot load the file you posted until I buy Shredder 4 Classic or Deep Shredder, which I want to do.  But, you should post that they will have to download Shredder demo version (30-days free), in order to play your program, and list the Shredd website..? Yest, tanks again mate


    eLige Wacht

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