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600+ Annotated Games

  • Submitted By: Hydroxide
    Submitted On: 6/6/09, 4:44 PM
    Category: Database of Games
    Publisher: Various Annotators
    OS: All - pgn format
    License: Free
    File Size: 825.6973KB
    Downloads: 10393
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A collection of over 600+ annotated games in .pgn format that I have compiled from various sources, enjoy! They are analyzed to different degrees. To my knowledge most players are GM level :)


  • by WernerUrbina

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

  • by MartaMorais

    Pica pica pica

  • by Gree7n


    Thanks! Really nice collection.

  • by deMangler

    Thanks for this collection. Works fine in scid.

    Also, finally that scid Android app I downloaded is now seeing some use.

    Thanks a lot!


  • by willhelmtwin


    This is a good collection. However some problems may occur if the files are downloaded to the Internet Explorer folder. They must be unzipped. Most of the PGN files read well just one or two are  unrecognizable and must be re-edited.

    These are great annotated games thanks!Wink

  • by DWAustin


    I am enjoying this collection of games.Thankyou very much.

  • by edmilz


    thanks for a great collection!

  • by valex


    This collection is very good. Thanks!

  • by Temari_Sabaku

    i downloaded these but my chess software didnt recognize the PGN

  • by chawil

    I suggest you get the excellent BabasChess or WinBoard, both are good for viewing games and Winboard can be downloaded here.

  • by pegasus

    i think you should have a pgn reader to open this stuff

  • by 12_string

    I downloaded the thing on my flash drive but when I go to open it a mesage says to insert the last disc of the series. ???   I guess if you want to see them on a board, you'll have to do it the old-fashioned way: a move at a time.

  • by keymoo

    Hi how to I view these games on a chessboard?

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