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all of chess openings

  • Submitted By: a_Mental_Torture
    Submitted On: 6/13/12, 12:49 PM
    Category: Opening Study Tools
    Publisher: reza khalilnezhad
    OS: Win 95/98/XP/Vista/7
    License: Free
    File Size: 26.6221KB
    Downloads: 11907
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this file could be open with chessbase reader/fritz/chess master/and any free chess gui like arena
hope it would be usefull..




    loved it

  • by ItsaBrambleLarson

    really great. only thing i was disappointed about was the lack of several kings gambit lines like the muzio gambit and double muzio.

  • by 27052003


    i always needed something like this. Now I can open this with stockfish. This is so helpfull. Thanks to this my rating has improved by about 450 points.

  • by ixb11170

    how do you use it? when i open it it only shows about 4 moves of just one opening.

  • by chesswarrior1979

    thanks for sharing this

  • by hItHeShFaNoFcArLsEn



  • by Raul93

    thank you!

  • by jaspov

    is it can download to iPAD?

  • by wazar

    I'd like to learn more
  • by a_Mental_Torture

    it contains about 1700 openings

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