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Amateur Games from Dan Heisman's New Book

  • Release Date: December 2012
    Submitted By: Eternal_Patzer
    Submitted On: 12/23/12, 9:55 AM
    Category: Tournament Management
    Publisher: Mongoose Press
    OS: Windows and Mac
    License: Free
    File Size: 122.6133KB
    Downloads: 1549
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These are the game scores with variations and engine evaluations (Houdini 2) from Dan Heisman's new book "The World's Most Instructive Amateur Game Book" 


  • by NM danheisman

    Ah, I used the URL shadowed on the cursor, ...ID=1480 Smile

  • by Bronco

    Just downloaded it to my iPad via Chess Viewer app by Everyman Chess (free app) I guess I have to get the book ;)
  • by hreedwork


    Thanks, awesome. I am starting to go through that book now, and was hoping there would be such a PGN file. This is a great Christmas gift :-)
  • by Eternal_Patzer


    If you have Dan's new book, this is a MUST !  Credit for this download must go to member ibiwisi who spent many hours going through the entire text of Dan's book, and removing all text while leaving the game scores and variations.  Thanks, Michael!

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