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Babaschess 4.0 Win 98/2000/Me

  • Release Date: January 2007
    Submitted By: zozor
    Submitted On: 4/7/08, 7:00 AM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    OS: Win 98/2000/Me
    License: Free
    Filename: SetupBabasChess_4_0_nonXP.exe
    File Size: 6.5547MB
    Downloads: 5317
  • 3 votes: +++++


BabasChess is a new revolutionary Internet Chess Client for Windows. It combines ease of use with powerful features for advanced users; integrates a fast and customizable playing environment with a powerful PGN viewer/editor, chess engines support for analyzing positions and amusing chat features.

Features - Playing

  • Sought graph and Sought list to get a game easily
  • User interface to post seek ads and make match offers without having to learn server commands and options
  • Highly customizable board: vector pieces with antialias (more than ten different piece sets available) or bitmap pieces (more than 40 piece sets available with GraphicPack installed,  four new enhanced bitmap piece sets with semitransparent antialiased borders to look smoothed at any size), squares (solid color or bitmaps), name and clocks colors and sizes and many other options.
  •  Full screen mode
  • Customizable popup windows displayed on opponent's requests (challenges, draw offers, ...) and other events (partnership, game finished, ...)
  • Customizable move input: drag-and-drop move or two-clicks move, with the possibility of hiding the piece being dragged
  • Support for the DGT electronic board
  • Multiple premoves and smartmoves
  • Last move highlight, target square highlight while moving and source square highlight
  • Several types of customizable low-time alerts
  • Highly customizable move sounds
  • Move list display with mouse wheel support and automatic loading of the previous moves in games resumed or observed not from the beginning
  • Figurine algebraic notation in the move list and in the last move display
  • Captured pieces display (stacked or listed)
  • Automatic game saving in PGN format (customizable: can save in a single file or in different files according to date/opponent/game type), clock information for each move can be added to the PGN format; bughouse games are saved in BPGN format
  • ECO code and variation name display
  • Graphical representation of material strength
  • Lag statistics for both players (total lag, maximum and average lag per move)
  • Support for crazyhouse
  • Support for bughouse (partner buttons, suggest in partner board, wait-for-piece premoves)
  • Support for atomic chess (explosion sound and animation)
  • Support for all the other chess variants available on the FICS server
  • Integrated legality checking for standard chess and variants
  • Support for simul games
  •  Integrated timeseal: it can be enabled in the Advanced-connection-options Dialog
  •  Move announcements: a folder containinig DGT-compatible move announcement sounds is required (not provided with BabasChess, but it can be freely downloaded from the DGT web site)


Features - Observing, examining and editing games

  • Multiple boards (there is no limit to the number of board windows);  tabbed boards for easily observing many games
  • Integrated PGN viewer and editor, with support for most chess variants (including Crazyhouse, Fischer Random and Suicide); the PGN editor has unlimited undo/redo levels, supports variations, comments and annotations
  • The DGT electronic board can be used to enter variations and to setup positions
  • Upload PGN game to the server
  • User interface for setting up board positions on the server without having to learn server commands
  • Integrated engine analysis (not available while playing): UCI and Winboard protocols supported
  • Whole game analysis by the engine, with automatic annotations and comments;  the analysis can run in background (if the user is not playing)
  • Duplicate game command: allows to copy a game into a new board window (e.g. to examine variations)
  • Automatic move forward (with customizable time interval)
  • Copy current game (PGN) or position (FEN) to the clipboard
  • Automatic observe on game notify; automatic unfollow when you start playing
  • Support for circles and arrows in games examined on the server;  circles and arrows can be easily placed using the mouse
  •  Smart Paste command (from Edit menu): it automatically detects if the data in the clipboard is a FEN string, a whole PGN game or a partial move list and pastes it in the active board;

Features - Chat and console

  • Tabbed Chat window (a separate tab for each user you are chatting with)
  • Tabbed Channel window (a separate tab for each channel, automatically synchronized with the the user's channel list on the server)
  • Board console displays only kibitzes and whispers of the current game and allows chatting with the opponent
  • Customizable colors and text styles for different types of server outputs
  • Individual channel colors and text styles
  • Customized sound effects associated to different communication types
  • URL and e-mail links
  • Server command links (any server command enclosed by quotes is converted into a link, which executes the command if clicked)
  • Automatically display emoticons (can be disabled in the preferences)
  • Automatically plays emotesounds (can be customized/disabled in the preferences)
  • Automatic conversion of stressed vowels for Italian and other languages (e.g. è --> e')
  • Command history and autocomplete from history (similar to the address bar of Internet Explorer)
  •  A huge amount of window layout possibilities: Main console, Infow window, Chat window and Channel window can be independently configured as 1) docked window, 2) auto-hide window, 3) floating window, or 4) document window; they can be docked together when floating and/or placed into tabbed containers. Document windows (including boards) can be displayed as child windows or as tabbed document windows, using the "Tabbed documents" command in the Window Menu;
  • Console logging

Features - Help and wizards

  • Contextual Help (press F1 or use the Help menu)
  • Preference wizard to help configuring BabasChess the first time
  • Themes: predefined set of preferences, to configure BabasChes with a single click
  •  Theme Packs: a Theme Pack is a collection of pieces/backgrounds/sounds/themes/... compressed in a single file. This allows new themes to be simply downloaded and installed
  • Formula wizard: lets you create complex formulae in few easy steps
  • User interface for changing commonly used server variables without having to remember their names
  • Finger notes editor

Other features

  •  The general look of the User Interface can be configured in the User-interface preferences: several options are available to control menu animation, autohide of rarely used menu items, UI element colors and style;
  •  New true color graphics for all the toolbar and menu icons
  • Highly customizable and flexible windows layout manager (you can load/save window layouts and associate different layouts for: playing, playing bughouse, observing games, ...);  9 default layouts are provided and can be quickly loaded from the layouts button
  •  Configurable keyboard shortcuts: a single interface command or a multi-line script can be associated to any keyboard shortcut
  • Message window for reading, sending and replying to off-line messages
  • Multiple timers (multiline scripts can be associated to each timer)
  • Customizable buttons, customizable mouse actions (contextual menu), customizable quick commands (top menu);  the customized buttons toolbar can be docked to any side of the main window;
  • Customizable related web links menu, for quick access to frequently used web sites
  • Multiple connection profiles with customizable logon scripts
  • Different languages available for the user interface: English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish,  Polish,  Croatian
  • Pending offers list
  • List of games in progress on the server, configurable with filters (game type, rated/unrated, guest/registered users) and sortable (by white/black name, by white/black rating, by game type, by time controls, ...)
  • List of on-line players, configurable with filters (available to play, titled, computers, guest/registered) and sortable (by name, by rating, by titles, ...)
  • Friend list (contains information on the players in the user's notify list that are currently on-line)
  • Support for plugins
  • TheBoss! option (particularly useful if you play at work...)
  • Profile window for a user, containing finger notes, variables, history, journal, stored games
  • User rules: configure particular behaviors for specific users (advanced unlimited client-side censor, custom users' communication colors and sounds, ...
  •  Scripts (sequences of server and/or UI commands) can be associated to specific events such as "Game start", "Game finished", ...


  • by Kalexander_1499

    How can I use the arrows and circles feature??

  • by aljonreoma

    pls help...

    How can i draw arrows and circles etc. in this program... 

  • by dadam

    Its working fine with Linux - if you are using WINE.

  • by daemon82

    I use it for playing on FICS. It is a great program. Does anybody know if it can be used to play on

  • by shenky1

    nice program

  • by BritKnight

    Wouldn't be without it! I have barely begun to discover what it can do. No problems logging onto FICS but other chess servers may be different.

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