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Bookup Express 2000

  • Submitted By: chessbot
    Submitted On: 5/14/07, 2:00 PM
    Category: Opening Study Tools
    Publisher: Mike Leahy
    OS: Win 98/200/ME/XP
    License: Demo / Trial
    Filename: Bookup2000ExpressSetup.exe
    File Size: 2.5164MB
    Downloads: 15737
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  • analyze your games and ideas with the included Crafty and Ruffian engines
  • spot all transpositions in all phases of the game, just like the Professional version
  • study a sample "Demo Book" based on FM Chuck Schulien's Open Game II ebook will give you some instruction on playing the Black side of 1.e4.
  • animate all of our chess ebooks including the samples that come with the program
  • index and search all of your PGN files
  • create new ebooks from your PGN game files, even those with annotations, subvariations and tactics puzzles
  • train and test yourself on the contents of each ebook
  • see how our more advanced commercial programs work to make you a stronger chess player
  • print diagrams using various commercial and included free chess fonts.
  • make .bmp files of the diagrams
  • enjoy beautiful 2D and 3D boards
  • leverage a complete Windows help file explaining the program's many features
  • watch software videos that explain how to get the most out of the program


  • by spraveen2

  • by Jefimija


    Свиђа ми се.

  • by RockingRook

    I have Cow Express and really like it.  A great tool for opening work.  I may upgrade to the Pro version.

  • by GeniusKJ


    one of the best ways to practice openings.... enter them in the book up express and keep playing them out!

  • by mattattack99


    I loved the Kasparov-Anand book!

  • by bladinator

    i only have COW lite but it works fine with what i need it to do.  and yes it does help me kinda with my openings i like to play the latvian gambit any time i can and when they play exf5 instead of Nxe5 it messed me up so i used COW and i learned what to do. i wish i do have COW express or pro so i can make my own ebooks

  • by Alberto_Loi

    Lo trovo molto utile, soprattutto per la possibilità di editare il proprio libro. Io sto inserendo tutti gli esercizi del MANUALE DEI FINALI di M. Dvoretsky in modo da utilizzarli come allenamento

  • by Saber1

    No Thanks.

  • by Mediocris


    I don't think it will help you to improve your game.

  • by sana

    thank you
  • by Phobetor


    I really like Bookup and his new program, Chess Opening Wizard. This installation file (Bookup Express) works fine, but unfortunately his new program doesn't work for me Frown


    I've never purchased a key to get the full version. Did anyone else ever purchase one? And did this program really help you with openings?

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