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Chess is Child's Play - teaching techniques

  • Release Date: April 2012
    Submitted By: ChessCreator
    Submitted On: 4/29/12, 1:58 AM
    Category: Lessons & Training
    Publisher: Mongoose Press
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    License: Demo / Trial
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A good friend of mine, Laura Sherman, has just had a chess book published.


Chess is Child's Play is designed to help 'parents / teachers / coaches / anyone ' to teach children about chess. It has lots of diagrams, fun mini-games, and practical tips to keep those young minds engaged.

Almost all of us share fond memories of being taught the game itself, and this is the true benefit of Laura’s book – the opportunity to create those memories with the next generation.

There is more information available about the book, and its authors - UK:, US: - and there’s also an adorable must-watch video ( If you do nothing else, just watch the video, share it with friends, and click on the Amazon like buttons!

Laura has given me permission to release this 1 chapter excerpt, as an appetizer!

Thanks to Laura, and best of luck with the book ....


  • by spraveen2


    Thank you so much for sharing this. I wanted to have a preview of this book before I buy. In, I could not find a "look inside" option. Guess, I would now go ahead and buy this.

    Thank you again.

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