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Chess Openings Wizard Express

  • Release Date: 2010
    Submitted By: rybka3dynamic
    Submitted On: 1/3/11, 7:57 AM
    Category: Opening Study Tools
    Publisher: Mike Leahy
    OS: Win XP/Vista/7
    License: Free
    Filename: ChessOpeningsWizardExpressSetup.exe
    File Size: 8.7481MB
    Downloads: 8108
  • 3 votes: +++/---


  • analyze your games and ideas with the included Crafty and Ruffian engines
  • spot all transpositions in all phases of the game, just like the Professional version
  • study a sample "Demo Book" based on FM Chuck Schulien's Open Game II ebook will give you some instruction on playing the Black side of 1.e4.
  • animate all of our chess ebooks including the samples that come with the program
  • index and search all of your PGN files
  • create new ebooks from your PGN game files, even those with annotations, subvariations and tactics puzzles
  • train and test yourself on the contents of each ebook
  • see how our more advanced commercial programs work to make you a stronger chess player
  • print diagrams using various commercial and included free chess fonts.
  • make .bmp files of the diagrams
  • enjoy beautiful 2D and 3D boards
  • leverage a complete Windows help file explaining the program's many features
  • watch software videos that explain how to get the most out of the program


  • by Derekjj

  • by dalexsu

    thanks for save my time

  • by daegen999

    Trial version. Lame. Waste of time.

  • by faysal_faris

    Scanned with ESET Smart Security v.4 update Jan-23-2011

    No. of Threats: ZERO

    Perfectly safe, but it's a trial version for one month...

  • by mattattack99


    Loved the Kasparov-Anand Book!

  • by twopawn


    This is a trial version, it's not free.

  • by rybka3dynamic

    Dont SPAM.I scanned it with NOD32 4 antivirus(updated).NO trojen.I also scanned it with online norton,mcafee(no trojan detected).so dont spam.

  • by jihh10388

    This file came up on my system as a TROJAN!!  I use Comodo Seurity Suite.

    Be extremely careful!!!

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