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Chess Position Trainer

  • Submitted By: lakeland
    Submitted On: 7/6/11, 8:38 AM
    Category: Opening Study Tools
    Publisher: Stefan Renzewitz
    OS: Win XP/Vista/windows7
    License: Free
    File Size: 2.5312MB
    Downloads: 14118
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This is an amazing opening trainer. It took me around an hour to work out how to use it but now I am hooked. The support is also excellent!

There is a good chance it wont work straight away on Vista or Windows 7. 

You may have to download a microsoft file see technical help

and you may have to make some small adjustments

But beleive me this is well worth the effort.

(There is also version 4 available but since its undergoing Beta testing I haven't tried it out yet!)


  • by Quentenius


    I've been using the free versions for many years and found it to be the best available for memorizing your chosen repertoire. Maybe because I'm "old school" the learning curve didn't seem excessive. I also keep a pgn of my entire repertoire for various applications, so inputting it is a snap. The only thing I need to do, since it is a single file, is use the split repertoire function (in the past) or add games function in the latest version. My only wish is that there was a Mac version, since that is the computer I use most of the time. A similar product, but not as extensive for IPhone is Obliviax's Chess Arsenal. Thanks, Stefan, for all the work you've put into it over the years.
  • by EnihkelaII

    Ok so I downloaded this and spent a few minutes glancing at the manual and watching tutorial videos. It seems like I create the line that I want to study? So I'm going to be studying moves I enter into the program? how does that help me at all?

    Say I want to study the QGD. I enter 1 d4 d5 2 c4. So then from there it can branch out into the slav with 2 ... c6. I want to respond 3 e3. But I already know to play that from books and engines so what is the point of this?

    I don't see how this is useful at all. I'm assuming I'm missing something because it seems like I'm just going to be studying my sub-optimal moves that I enter.

  • by Covenant-Seer

    How the heck do you use the Chess Position Trainer 5.04? I downloaded the pro version as a trial for 30 days and I have no clue what to do. Nothing seems simple. There is no chess engine anywere and the "training" is just one single example. How do i go to the next example? .

    I'm not interested in openings, but I'm much interested in understanding positions and the idea behind the moves.

    Can anyone help me? I will not buy it if this thing does not do what it promises to do.

    Thank you guys,


    Does anyone know what are the first steps?

  • by standardeviancy

    Most important question



    Is this Actually free or does it ran out of license after a month???????????????????????

  • by Aperture

    Why not just use Hiarcs. Simple as heck, runs rock solid, comes with a good database - you can download more, add your own - plus online book and has a tremendously strong chess engine. Save your lines in your own database and run your lines with the engine turned on as you develope them and the engine evaluates your position at any given point and suggest moves, save the suggestions in the mainline window and run them to see the tactical/positional lines at your heart's desire. PLUS you pay for it once. No annual subscriptions. Just don't get it.....
  • by adil89


    Hummm... There is a caveate Emptor. Once you have entered a repertoire it appears that CPT disables almost all of its functions after one month and asks for money. All the hours spent in entering the data gets wasted. Forewarned is forearmed.  

  • by dadam

    You don't need to read a manual if the software is really good. 

    That's the point.

  • by 314159265358


    OK, I've spent quite a while using this thing now.  I think there's room for improvement (and I'm sending the author my original thoughts and updates after his response that I hope he improves with v4.2 or later).

    My biggest gripe stems from wanting there to be better sample initially.  Perhaps if the author maintains the current sample DB and maybe one or two more fleshed out version it'd be easier to get started with.  But as it stands,  I understand the benefit in populating and building your own repoitoire on which to train, but I think the first opening book moves and a few standard lines would help immensely in learning how to use the program and to just get started.  Just putting a forum on the site and allow users to post and share their .CPT files would be helpful.  

    Second, there were features and UI issues that the author responded to, some of which are in consideration and I've shot by some of my responses to them in a private exchange (comments area here are not great for having a discussion).  

    Long story short, I really like what I see.  There is a huge learning curve because you really need to read the manual on this one (there's not enough in the initial sample to suss it out completely), and you need to enter in your own opening repoitoire which may take hours if you do it manually (I chose this because I also am making comments regarding ECO codes and opening names as I go along).    But once in place, I think it can be a powerful tool to help learn lines in depth.  

  • by freundlich

    hi guys, nobody using HIARCS? start a new game with and from any opening position, flip back and forwards through the "standard" first moves then continue to play against the computer matching your own level or choose an ELO or max strength... search databases for any positions etc etc etc... great program! Set up any postion (real easy) etc... use multiple open databases for databases for particular openings etc...  endless... Cool

  • by KevinKing6

    very nice program, but it crashed on me twice. It also stoped running after i deleted some game files. 

  • by grimpulo

    Hi, I'd like to train my pattern recognition through a spaced repetition system (the flash card concept) your product seems to offer, as in most srs programs it's rather painful to input chess positions. CPT focuses more on the opening repertoire management. Do you think it's possible to handle tactical or positional problems and test my knowledge of their patterns through the flash cards concept, before I struggle to make it work? Thanks.
  • by daegen999

    This program has a VERY high learning curve. When are they going to make a user friendly chesss opening program. You have to download the how to manual as well as the book opening separately. I gave up on this program. Its a very frustrating and a waste of time. It is the 21st century. People do not want to spent hours reading manuals and having to deal with multiple steps. Design the program right. This isnt the 90's..

  • by DoorbellX

    It's just a game simulator.

  • by Marcus-101

    I there a version for Mac OS X?

  • by lakeland

    good things come to those who wait and it really is worth it if you want to learn an opening quickly. In reference to daegen999 i haven't met any chess software that is easy to use straight away, Fritz 12 for instance!

    Create a pgn database

    Fill it with different games or a few move made up games with particular move orders you want to learn

    Create a new repetoire and call it say Ruy Lopez (if thats what you want to learn?)

    The sub-repotoires can be anything but normally better to call it a variation of the main opening, but you could have 'early trap' or 'unusual 3rd moves'

    There are 2 ways that i like to use it for

    1. Click Training and learn move orders. This i have found fantastic especially against strong players who tend to keep to the same move orders in a variation.

    2. you can use it to check games that you have already played and see where your opponent/or you changed the variation or move order, automatically. This is slightly trickier to do but easy after the first time, if you struggle to figure it out then i'm more than happy to help.

  • by Disparium

    Guten Tag, Herr ChessPositionTrainer. Sorry, I am just learning German.

    Anyway, I downloaded the program and I am having some difficulties with using it. First off, I open up the program, and everything seems fine and dandy, then I click on a button (new repertoire, load repertoire, etc.), then the program freezes and doesn't respond.    Second, I luckily got past that stage and created a repertoire. Then an error message pops up saying: "An error occured while updating the candidate move list: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." How does one do that??  Lastly, it sometimes tells me that somebody else is using the repertoire. witw? If it improves ill let you know

  • by ChessPositionTrainer

    314159265358,thank you for taking the time to provide such a detailed feedback! Although I'm not just the developer, but also using the software to train my own opening repertoire, I've learned that other people are using the software sometimes in different ways then I do and thus facing other challenges. This experience helped me in the past to improve the software to fit more user styles and eventually also improved my own training.

    I will respond to your points one by one.

    1) Are you using the "only new" or "oldest first" training mode? In the "only new" mode I believe you have to deactivate the "start with new position" in the "complete line mode" ribbon section and it should train you in both lines completely. However, this is a very special use case and I have to check the source code actually. What I mean: this is a one time thing as all positions are moved to "learned" afterwards and then you can only train these positions via "oldest first" or "scheduled only".

    2) I agree with you. It is on my list.

    3) The recall interval is based on scientific data, which ensures you recall the position before you forget it (then your memory will start from the scratch again). Each time you recall a position correctly the interval increases. So, after some time positions are scheduled for several days or even weeks. Having said that: I plan to let the user define the intervals after each correct recall manually.

    4) if you never use the recall mode it will be indeed the order of the entered moves. I think the general issue is that the whole training module was optimized to always focus on the players weaknesses and training most effectively (based on positions least trained, worst training score). You would like to use it in a rather "free style mode". Right now I plan to introduce a new mode to systematically go through the whole opening to recall it before the next over the board game takes place. Thinking about it this might be quite close to the "oldest first" mode. Maybe I will switch one to a random mode. I have to think about it a little bit more and decide which modes might be most useful for the majority of users.

    Another point: please check the "Filter" mode. In this mode you don't play complete lines, but jump to specific positions (depending on the "training positions" selection).

    5) Choose "only new" or "oldest first" and then "current position" ("Mode" section in the ribbon). Then you will start the training from the position shown. If you want to start from another position you have to switch to the opening module and navigate to the position. Switch back to the training module and select the opening to start from there. If there are specific positions you would like to use as starting position frequently then I suggest to mark these positions as "variations". Then you can easily select the variation for training. Btw. there are some improvements with the next version. It will make it easier to switch between the opening and training module and loading the same opening.

    6) This is indeed strange as the selected buttons are visually highlighted. Which system are you using?

    7) Unfortunately I'm not a native speaker. However, while translating the manual back into my mother tongue I realized that some parts are a little bit difficult to understand regardless of the language aspect. I will try to improve this in the future.

    8) Point taken. I will make sure that version 4.2 will have an updated manual.

    On the there is support system, which makes it easier to track issues and to follow-up. The system here let me only write one comment, which will overwrite any previous comment of mine (unless I add it to the previous comment).

    Thanks again for taking the time to providing this thourough feedback!
    Stefan (author of CPT)

  • by Floop62

    I'm intrigued by this but how the h*ll do you get it to work? I know I'm not very techy but I've tried - I've taken the above steps - and the thing just doesn't function. I've got two machines - one using XP and one Vista but it doesn't work on either of them. Can anyone help?

    I'm afraid I can only be very cross about this tool as it has stolen about 5 hrs of my life.

    Is it possible to post negative votes!?

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