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Chess Scorecard

  • Release Date: January 2011
    Submitted By: dunkirktx
    Submitted On: 1/20/11, 9:42 PM
    Category: Lessons & Training
    Publisher: Jeff French
    OS: Microsoft Windows w/.NET Famework 2.0
    License: Free
    File Size: 7.5244KB
    Downloads: 3285
  • 1 vote: +++++


One of the requirements of most tournaments is to keep track of all moves (your's and your opponent's) during a game.  This program should help in improving your accuracy in doing just that.   I wrote this about 3 years ago in order to help improve my accuracy...after all it is something that takes practice.

Basically Chess Scorecard is equivalent to a 3 column spreadsheet.  Column 1 being the move number (which the program will populate for you) and columns 2 & 3 being the White and Black moves respectively.   You enter White's move press TAB, enter Black's move, press TAB, enter Whites next move Press TAB, etc, etc...or you can click in a column with the mouse too if you'd like.

So, how can you use this to help improve your accuracy?   Well, the program is designed so that it will 'Stay on top' of other windows.  So, you can start virtually any Computer Opponent (Chessmaster, Fritz, Rybka, etc, etc, etc. then startup Chess move and resize the Chess Score Card window so that it covers up the move list with the Computer Opponent and start playing...for every move, enter it in Chess Scorecard.   At anytime you can move the Chess Scorecard Window and see the Computer's move list and compare to see how you are doing with your 'manual' entires.

Other features of Chess Scorecard.   You can start a new game (which will clear the spreadsheet and start again), you can save and load move lists and you have the ability to specify whether it stays on top (or not) at anytime.  

Please note: 

  • Chess Scorecard DOES NOT validate moves, it doesn't care what you type in the move columns, it is virtually equivalent to a piece of paper and a pencil (but it's Green Laughing). You are free to use whatever text-based notation you like.  If you want to use the little notation marks to indicate what you thought was a good, bad, questionable, etc, etc, etc, move...go for it!
  • The files saved ARE NOT PGN or other CHESS file compatible (again, Chess Scorecard doesn't keep track of the game, it keeps track of what you enter).
  • A 'Stay on Top' Tip...sometimes a Computer Chess Opponent's Software may takeover as the top most application and when you go to make your move, Chess Scorecard will uncover the Move List (and be hidden behind the Chess Opponent)...try this to resolve the problem:  1. Uncheck the stay on top checkbox.  2. Re-check the stay on top checkbox.   This little trick will force Chess Scorecard to be the top-most window again.

Finally, if you find you want the Chess Scorecard window to startup in a different location, or you would like the columns a different width, all you have to do is modify the .config file included with the application ... you can use notepad or any favorite text editor.   Just'll have to restart Chess Scorecard in order to see the results of your changes.

I didn't go crazy on creating install scripts, just download the .zip file.  Unzip the two files (the .exe and the .config) to a folder and create a desktop, quick launch and/or menu shortcut where-ever you like.

Good luck and have fun!


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