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Chess Systems

  • Release Date: February 2011
    Submitted By: GameBrain
    Submitted On: 3/4/11, 7:36 AM
    Category: Other
    Publisher: Walter Thomas Downs
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    License: Free
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Featured are two complete chess systems:

The Tiger and Dragon.

The Bear.

These systems feature complete repertoires for White and Black as well as all the "nuts and bolts" you need to be a complete chess player. They were written with the idea that the chess enthusiast need never have to buy another book on chess. The systems are backed up by intensive computer, mathematical and/or psychological analyses, as well as intensive research using chess openings databases.


  • by Sunzshock

    I spent about 40 minutes looking through this book.  Interesting ideas but the sample games given didn't seem to be all that realistic.  Also there were only about 5 sample games.  If you're going to propose a new system based on mathematical principles, shouldn't you provide a little tiny bit more evidence that the system actually works?   There's not enough here for me to be convinced it's not a hoax and certainly not enough to invest any more time learning this system.

  • by phillidor5949


    The Tiger and Dragon as well as The Bear were both easy reads.  I've tried these opening systems in a couple dozen blitz games. Systems such as these are a welcome change from the openings that I usually play because these systems don't require memorization of precise move orders worked out to move 15, etc.

    Some of my classically-oriented opponents seemed to frequently blunder in the late opening / early middlegame stage. Perhaps they blundered out of sheer frustration from playing against such unorthodox setups! These systems also produced interesting middle-game structures which were far less "balanced" than I am generally used to.

    Although I will likely continue to rely upon my standard pet openings, I'm glad to have experience playing the systems in these books. I am sure that they will come in handy in future blitz games or whenever I want to actually play chess from move #1 (rather than to begin playing chess whenever I am finally out of book).

  • by ChessMarkstheSpot


      Good stuff! Just downloaded it now and checking them out. Thanks for the posting  Cool


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