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  • Release Date: June 2011
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Introducing young minds to the game of chess is immensely rewarding, for both teacher and student - but sometimes it's hard to know where to begin, or what to cover. Good news: We can help! 

Welcome to the Curriculum: a kid-friendly, easy to follow and comprehensive program that ANY parent, teacher or coach can use to take their own chess-kid(s) all the way from total beginner to scholastic chess player. And it's 100% free!

Created by International Masters David Pruess and Daniel Rensch, the curriculum includes a wealth of learning materials addressing all aspects of the game, and is organized to maximize effective learning and retention. 

Each section includes diagrams, work-sheets and "mini-games" to ensure that vital concepts are instilled through practice. We also include tips and advice for the teacher, coach or parent. Of course, the whole experience is designed to be FUN!

This curriculum is suitable for both classroom and one-on-one instruction, and is written to be accessible even if the instructor or parent is relatively new to chess. (You and your child can learn together!)

The entire curriculum is available for download (and printable) in PDF format (zipped).


  • by grtambe

    Does this work on IOS?
  • by jsbxue14

    Thank you so much for this, really appreciated.  I am starting to teach my daughter and son aged 7 and 5 who have both expressed an interest and perhaps encourage their school to set up a chess club.  This resource will be very helpful.

  • by IWantToBeLikeMike


    I created this account just to say, "You, sir, are awesome!"

  • by Flameblaze


    Oh my god. This is wonderful. Thank you!

  • by ilovechess234

    You guys deserve a hug. Seriously thank you!

  • by GivMeTheLoot

    bravo bravo , le coté ludique me parait tres bon pour l'apprentissage d'un enfant . Je conaissais le site ,par contre mon petit ne parle pas anglais , mais du tres bon boulot !  

  • by ROOKe281

    exactly what ive been looking for

  • by BorgQueen


    Cool... I'm going to get my son started on this ASAP!

  • by Monoceros


    Really good. Scanned through it and only read chapter 14 and learned a few new things. Like the rule of the square and more about passing your pawns. I'm sure chapter 15 and 16 will improve my end game even further (which is not difficult as I barely know anything about endgames).

    The planning and positional chapters will be helpfull too as I'm lacking there some knowledge too :).

    I'm not a kid, so it's usefull for adults too and even if they aren't total beginners :).

  • by Asterix1


    Thank you so much for this.

    It is hard for a parent to support their children with good chess study material. You make it so much easier!

  • by philidor_position


    Excellent, not only for children and teachers, but beginners of all age!

  • by marwanradman123


    Thank you and thank you and very very very much much thank you

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