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Complete 2010 London Chess Classic PGN!!!

  • Release Date: December 2010
    Submitted By: ChessMarkstheSpot
    Submitted On: 12/15/10, 11:20 AM
    Category: Database of Games
    Publisher: ChessMarkstheSpot
    OS: Any chess program that opens PGN files
    License: Free
    File Size: 17.376KB
    Downloads: 2008
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  The 2010 London Chess Classic is officially over! Here is the full event in one PGN. Magnus Carlsen successfully defended his Championship! Relive all the great games from this wonderful event right now!!  Cool



  • by BrootFaus

    Thank you SO MUCH for this Mark!

    You're the best man!

    -John Smile

  • by ChessMarkstheSpot


      I'm glad you enjoyed it guys. And Paul, yes it does work with Winboard, I only just tried it out last night.  Undecided  Smile


  • by PeaJayKay

    Thankyou very much Mark. Do you know if Winboard will run these games?

    It will be great to go through some of these.

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