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Economy Chess

  • Release Date: May 2012
    Submitted By: ElKitch
    Submitted On: 5/2/12, 9:51 AM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: ElKitchGames
    OS: windows 7
    License: Free
    File Size: 492.4463KB
    Downloads: 3807
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This is a free full game chess variant. It works just like normal chess, except that the board also comes into play. Conquer squares on the board, gather income from them and build new pieces!

Play the game against other players by joining this group: 

Read a blog about strategy and the game here:

Video explaining the rules and the program:



*I know the game has some shortcomings, but I really wanted to get the game out (it has had much delay already). I think it's very playable, but can get better. Please send me your thoughts, comments and other feedback to help improve the next version. 




  • by zhongz



  • by DefinitelyNotGM


    Good game! Maybe introduce some bots or online play into the download

  • by Stapleton


    interesting game type, who is john golt?

  • by mrguy888


    A really fun chess varient. Adding pieces makes the game a lot crazier than regular chess.

  • by Boletus_CZ


    Great. Laughing

    I have just played two games with dekaleaas (thanks to for having made chat rooms in our groupsWink) and I enjoyed it a lot. Anyone who would like to give it a try is more than welcome to join our group dedicated to this game.

    Read more here.

  • by maewmiaou


    Very fun game!

  • by 1709314


  • by ElKitch



    “Conquer new lands, build pieces and check-mate your opponents king!”

    ***** GAMERULES *****

    - Objective: Check mate your opponents king

    - Rules: all normal FIDE rules apply, including castling and en passant.

    ***** What’s different? *****

    In this game the player gains income from the chessboard by conquering squares. The income is added to the players' savings. When he has saved enough he can buy reinforcements.

    ***** Owning a square *****

    A player owns a square when he stands on it with a piece. Also if he moves the piece away, he still owns the square. At the start of your game you own 16 squares, because you have 16 pieces standing on the squares.

    ***** Conquering a square *****

    There are two ways of conquering a square:

    - move a piece onto a neutral or enemy controlled square. You are now the new owner of this square!

    - capture an enemy piece. Because you got a piece on the square you are now the new owner of this square!

    ***** Income *****

    The income is calculated like this:

    (Total number of squares owned at the end of your turn) – (the number of pieces) = (income)

     Example: White has 20 squares and 15 pieces. He then gains (20-15=) 5 coins income.

    Example: Black owns 37 squares, but has only 6 pieces. He then gains (37-6=) 31 coins income.

    Your income is added to your savings at the end of your turn.

    ***** Buying new pieces *****

    If you have enough savings, you may buy as many new pieces as you can affort and place. New pieces are placed in your starting area. There are a couple conditions to placing a new piece.

    - You must own the square

    - You got enough money to buy

    - The square is empty (no enemy or friendly piece)

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