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Encyclopedia of Chess Openings

  • Release Date: August 2007
    Submitted By: SuperMuris
    Submitted On: 8/6/07, 11:44 PM
    Category: Opening Study Tools
    Publisher: Muris
    OS: Windows all
    License: Free
    Filename: Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (PGN).zip
    File Size: 4.9986MB
    Downloads: 34913
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  • by spraveen2


    Excellent collection. Thank you so much.

  • by achintyads

    the file extensions are not pgn, rather cbe, cbg, cba or likewise. can it be found in pgn ?

  • by thegreenpawn100

    how do you use this with fritz 12

  • by dragonair234

    Please download one for Mac. 

  • by himanshukaushik

    how do i open these files???...i have chesspad and arena...please tell

  • by Romans920


    thanks a ton

  • by CMkaan_oyuncu2002

    how many GB

  • by aanker

    You need cb to pgn converter to use this file in a GUI like Arena.  There is cb2pgn.exe that may convert it but I never got around to trying it.

    Instead I found a file that I use called: eco.pgn that is good enough for me - especially with pgn & doc files made by FM Schiller and others to supplement it ( - because I am very cautious of exe files that could do anything.

    Do a Google search for "eco.pgn" if you are using a GUI like Arena.  Maybe it is here?

  • by kjhdf do you open this? I have ChessReader,  and Aquarium 2011...still can't open EOC?

  • by sumankanrar

    please anyone  help me. i am in a little trouble.i cannot download the fritz 13 software in spite of the account. my e-mail id is  .  please anyone tell me the way how to download the fritz 13 software  in my pc.

  • by Mamzelle_Angelle

    Brilliant!! and you don't have to download anythink the link (see wilbert-vd above) wil do the job in your favorit.

  • by mohammadrezachess

    hi,i'm really sorry but i don't know how to open it with fritz?!would you please help me through this,please please please




  • by ahmadmnagass

    thank you very much

  • by Defensor


    Very useful tool, thanks.

  • by ArmanA97


    5 stars!

  • by hicetnunc

    Which version of ECO is it ?

  • by kokino


    Thanks for sharing

  • by kabala0768



    Lastima que sea solo para Chessbase

    It hurts that it is alone for Chessbase


  • by CATBUSmrrreow

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