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  • Release Date: September 2012
    Submitted By: Deep_ChessTactician
    Submitted On: 9/18/12, 6:09 AM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: potpot
    OS: all os. 32 and 64
    License: Free
    Filename: free_engines.exe
    File Size: 5.0834MB
    Downloads: 2371
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  • by iCruxial

    My chess skills improved so much by using Chess engines in my study of position and analysis. It's a great guide, a readily available unbiased tutor with deep and accurate teaching of every board position I've got.

  • by andhol

    you may use a tool (engine), you don't have to when you feel better without.

  • by Deep_ChessTactician

    Chess programs are our enemies, they destroy the romance of chess. They take away the beauty of the game. Everything can be calculated.

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