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  • Release Date: January 127
    Submitted By: chessbot
    Submitted On: 5/13/07, 11:50 AM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: Stuart Cracraft/ John Stanback.
    OS: Win 3.1/95/98/xp
    License: Free
    File Size: 440.833KB
    Downloads: 5482
  • 2 votes: +++++


GNU Chess is a computer program for playing chess. GNU Chess is one of the oldest computer chess programs for Unix-based computers and has been ported to several other platforms. The GNU Chess project is one of the older parts of the GNU package of software, having started in 1984. The first version of GNU Chess was written by Stuart Cracraft. [1] All subsequent versions before version 5 were written by John Stanback.

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