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  • Release Date: June 2002
    Submitted By: turninpoint
    Submitted On: 7/15/12, 12:33 AM
    Category: Playing & Engines
    Publisher: idk
    OS: Win Vista
    License: Free
    Filename: ChessBoard.exe
    File Size: 3.3989MB
    Downloads: 5728
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chess engine


  • by Tana_Dancerova


  • by FanOfCarlsen

    After downloading I see the file ChessBoard.exe. How to use this engine??

  • by Dr_ShredderFritz

    houdini 3.0 is available 

  • by den_reyes86

    arina chess 3.0 run this engine. i play it agains my fritz12 and this is more stronger......

  • by oogee


    This is not houdini.  When I run the program it asks me to specify the path of a chess engine (no engine is provided with this download it seems, the download is a single executable) and the program itself is something called Mayura Chess, most likely with a lot of files for it missing, as a full download of Mayura Chess seems to be 10x the size.

  • by MahadiCaesar

    Which version is this???

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